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What can I eat at this point?

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Hi everyone,

I need some advice, I've gotten my throat dilated out to 9 mm and the doc said I could start eating soft foods. Problem is he couldn't or wouldn't give me any guidance as to what that would be. Has anybody else been at this point? What would anyone suggest that I start eating. I'm afraid to go too fast too soon. Would really like to put some weight back on.

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Of course what works for some doesn't for everyone.

Soft Mashed Potatoes and gravy....like the kind at KFC
Cream of Wheat and milk
Creamy Pastas

Anyways, that's a few...

BTW, congrates on making it through...


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D Lewis
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I lived on these for months. Otherwise, eat whatever you can choke down. If you can't get it down, spit it out and try something else. At this point, you're probably good to go on just about anything. The treatments should not have adversely affected your digestion.


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am on a soft food diet...foods that work best, to start, are not sticky. Yogurt, applesauce,scrambled eggs ( moist ), broths with ritz crackers crumbled in, ice cream or sherbert...these are what i started with, have now added many more, it's amazing what you can eat...I am not a big meat lover so not eating it has not bothered me. Mashed potatoes with gravy, v-8 soups ( butternut squash ) is my favoite, pudding warm, egg yolks over easy,spinach,...just start with very small bites and go from there...I suppliment with boost, ensure, carnation instant breakfast...

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All the above and pancakes. Of course, stay away from anything hard, like nuts.

I got a home juicer, and make fresh juice about five days a week. When I make it, my wife and I each drink 10 to 16 ounces. Yesterday, I juiced pineapple, orange, peach, and strawberries. I also add Whey Protein Powder to my juice. Although the fruit is expensive, and cleaning the juicer is time consuming, I think it is more economical than Ensure etc. (Although I also use several bottles of Ensure or Boost each week.)

The challenge is getting enough protein, since meat and nuts are the hardest to get down. Also stringy vegetables are problematic.

I guess I should remind everyone that I am a total laryngectomee. This has one (and only one) major advantage. Food cannot block my airway, since my airway is no longer connected to my mouth. The rest of you still have to worry about chocking. When something gets stuck in my throat, I've got all the time in the world to calmly proceed to a rest room and cough it up.

This all means the rest of you have to be even more cautious than I do when swallowing. Rick.

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This was given to me by my oncologist for issues just like this. It does work, though there is a lot on here that I don't care for....

Beverages -- Milk. Juices, coffee, tea, sodas, nutritional supplements, ice chips, alcoholic bev. If allowed

Breads -- Soft pancakes well moistened with syrup or sauce, pureed bread mixes, AVOID ALL OTHERS

Cereals -- Cooked cereals with little texture, oatmeal, cream of wheat, slightly moistened dry cereals with little texture such as corn flakes, rice krispies etc. AVOID coarse cereals that may contain seeds, nuts, whole grain, dry coarse cereals

Desserts -- Pudding, custards, soft fruit pies with bottom crust only, crisps and cobblers without seeds or nuts and with soft breading or crumb mix. Canned fruit excluding pineapple, soft moist cakes with icing, pre-gelled cookies or soft moist cookies that have been dunked in milk, ice cream, sherbets, malts, nutrition supplements, yogurts, ices, plain gelatin or with canned fruit (excluding pineapple)

Fats -- Butter, margarine, cream for cereal, gravy, cream sauces, mayonnaise, salad dressings, cream cheese, cream cheese spreads with soft additives, sour cream, whipped toppings. Avoid all fats with coarse or chunky additives

Fruits -- Soft, drained, canned or cooked fruits without seeds or skins, fresh ripe bananas, fresh fruit juices with little pulp. AVOID fresh, frozen or dried fruits, fresh, canned or cooked pineapple

Meats -- MEAT PIECES SHOULD NOT EXCEED ONE FOUrTH (1/4) INCH CUBES AND SHOULD BE TENDER. Moistened ground or cooked meat, poultry and fish, may be served with gravy. Casseroles WITHOUT rice, moist macaroni and cheese, well cooked pasta with meat sauce, tuna noodle casserole, soft moist lasagna. Moist meatballs, meatloaf and fish loaf. Protein salads such as tuna or egg without large chunks. Poached, scrambled eggs or soft cooked eggs, cottage cheese, smooth quiche without large chunks. Tofu, well cooked slightly mashed moist legumes such as baked beans. AVOID dry or tough meats, dry casseroles, sliced or cubed cheeses, peanut butter, hard boiled or crisp fried eggs, sandwiches and pizza

Potatoes and starches -- Well cooked shredded hash browns that are not crispy, well cooked potatoes in a sauce, well cooked noodles in a sauce, soft dumplings that have been moistened with butter or gravy. AVOID potato skins, chips, fries, and rice

Soups (particle size should be less than ½ inch) -- Soups with easy to chew/swallow meats and vegetables. AVOID soups with large chunks of meat or vegetables, soups with rice, corn or peas

Vegetables (less than ½ inch and easily mashed with a fork -- All soft and well cooked vegetables. AVOID brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus or other fibrous non tender or rubbery cooked vegetables

Misc. -- Jams and preserves without seeds, jelly, sauces, that may have tender chunks less than ½ inch. AVOID SEEDS, NUTS, COCONUT, STICKY FOODS AND CHEWY CANDIES.

hope this helps


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Wow, Thanks! That is a fantastic list. I'm going to print it out and keep it with me. This is exactly the kind of advice I was looking for. I really appreciate the help!

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Thanks I needed that too.

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It works.

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