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i thought the fight had been fought weeks ago

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poor Pete, was being picked on and I remember saying just bypass anything you don't like and let it go. Now someone may or maynot want some information from Pete and all hell breaks loose.....those of us doing things out of the norm just kills some...I have mets to the liver, not doing chemo---shot me--I am dying my way/choice...I still come here for info and it really is embarassing to see the crap that is said. Respect choice, let the moderator do their job....let it go....relax life is too short, lots of people out there, don't let them get too you.....relax, love,we are all going to die some way.......PAT

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It was more then wanting information from Pete, it was encouraging him, and telling Pete what kind of cheap virus to get from his Veterinarian and suggesting he inject himself with said virus.
That's not exactly harmless.
Winter Marie

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I believe it will take someone with guts to find the cure for cancer.......I won't do what my husband wants till I check it out.......only the patient can make that decision.....chemo is not the answer, there is some freaky answer out there....and who are we to decide..... My husband has some weird alternatives that I MAKE the decision on,,have you heard the one on eatting someone elses ****..., please, adults can make smart decision......by the way my vets uses people meds mostly for the animals.....had two dogs with cancer and they got people meds, killed them.......I only WANT respect for those looking for alternate help,,,,Pat

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Goes both ways Pat, one can't expect to see it if they don't show it toward others...
For some, chemo is the answer so let's try to keep that in mind when the discussion is about respect.
Sound reasonable.

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post that is...

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Your right it isn't harmless, it KILLS CANCER only harmless to humans. Im going to start a thread on it later.

And the adults here can make their own minds up.

Still waiting for my apology.

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When we post, we open ourselves to comments. Agreeable ones and sometimes disagreeable ones. Pete's not a newbie, he knows how it works. He shares what he wants and often his posts give way to many comments and opinions. Like the ocean enemas - I STILL won't swim in the ocean. Bad enough fish poop there!
So I don't really buy the "poor Pete" thing. Pete has his personal blog, and Pete posts here. I'm not sure there's a line separating them. Being this is PUBLIC, people are going to comment.

This fight, along with others, are like the seasons...they come back again and again.
People won't let stuff rest, at least I haven't seen it since I joined in 2005 and I don't see it changing judging by the past 6 months, or the 6 months before that, etc., etc.,

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I have to do what I preach.....I'LL go take my ativan and be better...THANKs, PAT

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"I remember saying just bypass anything you don't like and let it go." So true, Pat, so true. A couple of months or so back Phil64 (who hasn't posted in quite sometime) would close his posts with a scripture quote. Then someone complained about Phil "forcing" religion down his throat. It didn't occur to me until it was too late to make the comment that rather than be offended by what Phil posted he should be more offended at the person with the gun to his head forcing him to read what was written.

There are opinions stated here with which I strongly disagree so I just don't read them. We are all entitled to our opinions and we are entitled to express them freely and openly. No one is forced to read anything they don't want to or don't like. Don't like what I write, don't read it. It's no skin off my @$$.

Hugs to all,


Brenda Bricco
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WHEN are we gonna get a LIKE button?!?!

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Thank you Pat (and Doc).
Pat, i've always had (and have) so much respect for you.
Chemo doesnt work for everyone.......i think that has been clearly shown here as people do die. Its a sad reality.
The timing with having surgery (cutting out the da#n sh#t) is crucial. That should not be confused with 'chemo'.
I do chemo to buy time, not to fool myself that i can be on it 10 years. There may be an exception to the rule, like there many times are, but I'm not betting the ranch on it for me.
If i happen to do well with a particular treatment, i would be humble and grateful, and not tout it as THE answer for everyone. That is just plain ignorant.

Once again, everyone can post whatever they want, as well as everyone can read what they want.
Sometimes i feel like i am in high school again.

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Press it S L O W L Y twice
(Trust me. It's not like "pull my finger once")

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Nice :-)

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actually i come here to read what i am doing. or should be doing.

thats a joke.

respect is something i will meditate on.

to be honest respect, its not something i feel i have here, i have a few kind comments. but i respect that my increasingly alternative approach effectively isolates me from a majority of my old friends here.

pat i like what you said and thanks.

i can understadn you saying poor pete, but i am lucky. so lucky in many ways.

I am sad that the gcmaf message has been lost in the controversy.

one famous politican said no such thing as bad publicity. i think they were right.

so my gcmaf trial with n=1 will pass or fail and a few will know. thats enough. either way its of some value.

the skeptics could just leave it alone, i am not real trying to stir the pot. heck i don't even push the exercise post as much anymore.


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I for one have a lot of respect for the guts it takes Pete to try all of the alternative treatments he tries. The treatments need to be tested on someone and who knows maybe Pete will find the answer to cure cancer. Who knows! I know I am not gutsy enough to try them but I respect Pete for his willingness to try and to share what he finds out. It took all my courage to go through chemo since I am a medicine freak and pre-cancer I did not even take an aspirin. We are all different and that is what makes this such a great world to live in!

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I'd like to think it's the cancer talking or causing such battles. We need to stop shooting our wounded and ignore the things we don't agree with. If this forum were up to par, we'd have things like an ignore button where we could permanently ignore someone who irks us.

We've been wrong more than once. Yeah.... some people break the rules (whose rules?) but when they really need us, they can't return.

Someone sent me a picture of a banned member who has been sent home with hospice after 2 months in the hospital. We had members accusing this person of not being Stage IV, saying 'lying so you can claim a miracle'. It's horrible. No episode of 'House' prepared me for the skin on bones and bright yellow skin and eyes I saw, holding a two year old.

Let's stop fighting each other and fight cancer!


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back when I was relatively new to the forum and there was a huge flame war going on. He told me that even the FISHING forum he was on had the occasional melt-down. I can't imagine how you could really argue about fishing, but I guess people can argue about anything. I still have that message. i miss his presence on the forum, even though I know some here found his approach a little hard to take. He was kind to a newbie. Ann

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He was very caring towards ne, even if we had different ideas


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