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New to Lymphoma Discussion.......am here from the Ovarian site

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Dear everyone,

My name is Lisa and I lost my mother to OVCA 14 months ago.....but that's another story. I have a dear friend who was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma 7 years ago. She had treatment and went in to remission until 3 months ago. She has been back on chemo, but this time around it seems to be really kicking her butt....it's been 4 and a half weeks since her last infusion and she still has very little energy...this scares me.....at least with my mother, after 4 weeks, she was rebounding from the chemo....until it wasn't working.....so I am thinking the worst. Her CT scan is tomorrow and then the results in a week.....any thoughts? Thanks, Lisa

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So, try to control and direct the energy associated with panic so that it becomes a positive. Wait for the scans. Depending upon her type of lymphoma, its aggressiveness and stage, it may very well be necessary for her to receive a pretty heavy dose of chemo. Four years ago today, I began four months of intensive chemo (three week regimen each two weeks) involving a combo of eight different chemotherapy agents. My health was taken to the tipping point - but it had to be. When I began, I had about 2-3 months to live if the lymphoma did not respond.

It would be helpful to know which type and subtype of lymphoma she has (there are 61-73 varieties according to whom you ask), as well as staging. Although the stage of lymphoma is not nearly as important in predicting a good response. Many lymphoma patients are late-stage, but also achieve a good response to chemo. Until the specifics are known (and even after), it is most helpful just to be the best, most supportive friend that you can be. Enjoy every moment with her.

Everything that we write here is opinion, and your friend is creating her own survival statistic. According to the web, I should have been gone long ago, but I'm not. I relapsed immediately at the end of chemo, and could not receive any additional treatment. But, miracles do happen and here I am. You may or may not be a person of faith. Well, I will tell you that prayer helps - both you and her. And, it doesn't matter if you believe in it, or understand it. But, she needs it and it will help both of you.

All the best to the two of you.

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Hi Lisa,

Sorry to hear about your mother and your friend.

There are so many variable involved here, so it's hard to say as
we don't know what type of lymphoma, chemotherapy, her age, etc. With that
information, more people can respond based on their experiences.

Four and a half weeks might be too soon to expect "rebound".
Many of us here have issues with fatigue a long time after chemo.
I sill poop out earlier than usual and take naps most every day
and I've been out of chemo for 10 months.

Lymphoma is very treatable and even curable (depending on type) and
they have several treatment options in many cases - so there is always
plenty of hope.

Welcome to this board and please let us know how your friend is doing.
Wishing her wonderful results on her upcoming scans!

Hugs and positive thoughts,

DX: DLBL 4/2011, Chemo completed 10/2011, currently in remission. :)

miss maggie
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Dear Lisa,

I agree, it is too soon to expect results from a chemo treatment. Also, wait until
the results of the Scan.

I am sorry you have to be here. Please post as soon as the results of the scan come in.

Prayers Maggie

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Hi Lisa,
I'm so sorry you lost your mother to cancer. May I also say what a good friend you are to come here looking for help for your friend. I agree with the others that it is too soon to tell what is going on. Until the scan results are back, guessing would be a waste of time and energy. I finished my first line chemo..(CVP-R) in Dec of 2010 and my energy is still not where I'd like it to be. The best thing you can do right now for your friend is to just be there, listen to her, help her with cooking, cleaning, etc, and continue to be the caring loving friend you obviously are to her. Please come back and share with us the results of her scan. She may even like to join the group herself for support...I know it's certainly helped me through this difficult cancer journey. We are always here to help.
Best wishes...Sue
(Follicular NHL-stage3-grade2-typeA-Dx 6/10-considered stable-age 61)

miss maggie
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Dear Sue,

I hope you are enjoying your vacation. I always stated, you are such a wonderful
human being. To take the time on your vacation to be there for all of us. You
should always be blessed. I wish we lived closer. I would of loved to meet you
in person.

I believe you will be back on Rituxan maintenance when you return from vacation?
Is that is September?

Love to my friend. Hugs from Maggie

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Hi Maggie,
I get home from vacation on Sunday the 19th...babysit Lizzy on Monday(10hours) all day, and then Tuesday morning at 8:30 I get my Rituxan....then Lizzy again on Wednesday and Thursday all day. So...straight from vacation to a busy schedule...but I love it! Can't wait to give Lizzy a big old hug and some slobbery smooches! Vaction has been fantastic. Today we went to Timberline Lodge at the base of Mt Hood and had the buffet lunch, and then drove to Warm Springs Indian Reservation to a small Casino. Broke even by the time we left and then stopped for a nice diner on the way home. Back to fishing..Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The time has flown by! Thanks for asking sweet Maggie...Love ya...Sue

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Thanks everyone for responding and giving me back my perspective....It wasn't that long ago that I lost Mom and I need to remember this is a different person and a different cancer and there are too many variables involved. I need to focus on being the best friend I can be and not MY anxiety.....that's not good friendship....Thank you all and I pray for your journeys to be filled with less chemo and clean CT scans!!!!!! I will let you know in a week the results of my friend's CT scan!

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