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Yellow spots on my nipples? Should I be worried?

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I found yellow spots on my nipples, and I really don't know what they are or where they came from. There are more on my left, but there is also this really big spot almost in the middle of that nipple too. Any clue of what they are? Should I be worried?

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I have not heard of yellow spots, one way or the other. I would let my physician check them out. It may be a normal variation, but I honestly don't know? Good luck!

Lynn Smith
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I haven't had spots but did have a yellow slight discharge on my right nipple(not my cancer breast) My doctor ordered a ultrasound.It was negative.The other day I saw the same thing,It just sorta peeled off.I am going to mention it again to my doctor to see if she wants to do another ultrasound.

I've had cancer on the left.Never any discharges or dimpling etc but have a inverted nipple on my right breast.It was brought to my attention years ago.It can be cancer. So far my right side has been fine but invertted nipples are a sign of breast cancer.I would call your doctor.Anything should be checked that seems abnormal. Like with me inverted nipples are a sign but my non cancerous breast has the inverted nipple not the cancerous breast.

What can be for one person might not be for another.We're different.Just like me with the inverted nipple on the good breast and no cancer.The cancerous breast no sign of inverted nipples or discharge but cancer.

I would call a doctor for a appt.

Lynn Smith

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In some way it might be comforting that we have nver heard of this, as we have heard a lot. not sure but you should check with your doctor

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Are you possibly refering to the pores on our nipples that get filled or clogged and appear yellow?

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I just turned 16 and Im not quite sure what these pores are. Can you tell me about them.

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The best thing to do is see your DR ASAP if you are concerned about something unusual. Whatever is going on needs to checked out medically.

Winyan - The Power Within


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Given your age, I suggest you talk with your parents, grandparents or other adult you trust and feel comfortable discussing your body with. If you have fears of cancer or other disease, I feel sure that they would be able to better guide you on when and which professional you should see. Should you have a breast cancer, please do let us know and I know all the ladies here that have been battling this disease will be glad to answer all of your questions!
Good luck to you!

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Call your doctor for an appointment and let us know what he says.

Good luck,


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I am really thankful to everybody here for helping me out. You really did help ease my worring. Thanks.

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I just noticed that the big yellow spot on my nipple is not actually yellow, but whitish....It seems as if that spot has no colour in it. Does that mean anything?

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Sounds perfectly normal to me. Go talk to your doctor about your concerns.

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