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Ready for my trip!

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After a rough few weeks at the beginning during treatment I'm happy to report that my healing has gone very well and now just 4 weeks since fininshing treatment I am ready to take my trip to England!! My bowels are still not quite back to normal but no real big issues and have stopped all the stool softeners. I leave on August 1 and will be back in time for my appt. with Dr. middle of Sept so not going to think about anal cancer 'til then! Am looking forward to seeing family and friends and enjoying some good old British grub, hopefully will put on the few pounds I still need!
My thoughts are with all of you still going through treatment and wish you all the best, it's tough but you will get through it.

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I can't wait to hear all about it when you return!

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Great news! Happy travels!


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Wow! Have fun! I wouldn't have even dreamed of traveling so quickly but I'm so glad your healing has been so quick. Enjoy the grub - and even maybe a pub or two!

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I hope you have a wonderful time! Safe travels to you and please tell us all about it when you return!

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I feel encouraged by your ability to travel to England so soon after your treatment. I am 2/3 through - on my second round of chemo. They are flipping me over tomorrow and broiling my backside for the final 10 radiation treatments. Not too terrible so far - I have been lucky not to have diarrhea or nausea. Worst has been itching but that's a little better now. Fatigued for sure - my radiation nurse said my job is sleeping and reading right now so that works for me. My hair has thinned quite a bit - the NP said that shouldn't happen too much more? Hardest thing is not being able to help my daughter prepare for her wedding and also hoping I will be healed enough 3 and a half weeks after treatment for the wedding 3 hours away from where I live. What do you all think? Thanks and I can't wait to hear about your fabulous trip!

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3 weeks after tx hopefully will give you some good time to heal. i would not do the driving to the wedding. if you can, let some one else drive so that you might lay down in the back seat and get off of your bottom so as not to irritate it . have a great time. sephie

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I had chemo and radiation beginning May 7th. I had 25 radiation treatments, the last one being on June 11th. I left with my husband 11 days later for a week long vacation in Florida. We drove 8 hours the first day and stayed overnight in Alabama and then 4 hours the next day. We stayed in a house with our 5 children, their spouses and our 13 grandchildren, 7 of them being 6 and younger so lots of picking up and sitting on my lap. The bedroom that I had was on the third floor so it was also a LOT of going up and down the stairs. The biggest problem for me was also the itching and mainly at night when I wanted to sleep. I used lots of different products to take care of that issue.

The trip home we drove straight through. I did take a couple of naps in the car on the way down and back but I did that when riding in a car even before diagnosis and treatment. (Riding in cars makes me sleepy!) I think I was fortunate because I only had 25 radiation treatments. Those who have 30 or more take a bit longer to make a comeback, I think.

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I'm not sure I would have been able to make a 3 hour car trip that soon after treatment, but I had lots of diarrhea. You are not having that, so perhaps you will be fortunate to continue on that path. If side effects kick in towards the end and seem to be hanging on close to the wedding, perhaps booking a room where you can stay the night before would be an idea. Just keep in mind that everyone's side effects are individual and you may be one of the people who escape most of them. That is my wish for you!

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