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Chemo brain strikes again

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I decided to make some chicken and rice for dinner like my grandma use to make. She would boil the chicken but I took a shortcut and browned it, then baked it while I worked on the rice. Since I did't boil the chicken I needed to use bouillion for the broth. I measured out 3 teaspoons of what I thought was chicken and one teaspoon which was chicken with tomato for a little extra flavor. As I stirred the broth it was dark. I thought the chicken with tomato must have made the difference. I added the saffrom which usually turns the broth and rice yellow. I knew it wouldn't because my broth was dark. I was kind of puzzled until a little light went on. Sure enough when I checked the cupboard I had picked up the beef bouillion. Geez, I guess it didn't occur to me to read the label.

I hope grandma forgives me.


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LOL! I have ruined one cordless phone by leaving it in the freezer! Sprayed my hair with what turned out to be room deoderizer,forgot to put deoderent on, went to town with brown pants instead of blue, and the kiker was I had them wrong side out! I feel your pain, but it does provide comic relief sometimes@ best debrajo

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We've all had chemo brain, and it does provide us with much needed laughs!:)


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My mom is always laghing at me because of my chemo brain or I am always saying how do you spell......... So yes chemo brain does entertain us all.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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Glad to be done
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Aaahhhh yes chemo brain... Very entertaining. Sometimes I feel like a total ding bat. My biggest oops was on the last day of my chemo. My husband and kids and I went out to dinner with friends and I felt like a light drink. Well I was looking at the drink menu at their cocktails and nothing appealed so I ended up with raspberry lemonade (probably best lol). My best friend looks at me and says I thought you were going to order a drink and my response was "yeah I was but they all have 3 olives in them?. She burst out laughing. It was 3 olives brand vodka and I thought each drink had 3 olives. Well... The waiter stood there looking at me like i was a total idiot until my friends hubby broke him out of his stare. LOL. He walked away and we all burst into laughter... Oh I have lost my hair too... When I am home I take my hair off and I have set my wig in some wierd places. Nothing like running around saying where is my hair.......

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LOL! Oh yeah, it's real. AT least we have an excuse, others don't! :)

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I have a shirt that say I have chemo brain what's your excuse.

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kimberly sue 63
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I'm sure grandma forgives!!!

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