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Unbearable stomachache all reports normal

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Hi guys,
As most of you know that my dad had gastric pull up in dec last year ... He was diagnosed t3n1 squamous cell carcinoma
His entire esophagous was removed along with a few cm of stomach ....He had unbearable pain in his stomache after a few days while still hospital all test came normal so the doctor thought it was because
Of j tube so after a few days of unbearable pain and lots of tremadol later they removed it... He was fine After that ..... Fast forward three
Months while on post op chemo my dad a terrible stomache he had to be admitted in another hospital as we live in a different town from where
He got operated .... He had unbearable pain and vomitted anything he ate ... He was again put on tremadol along pantocid and emeset and was
Put on fluids and not given anything from mouth, 7 days later slowly was given light food from mouth and than he was discharged .the doctors
Thought it was hyperacidity and his body was week becoz of chemo that's why it was so unbearable

Fast forward to present I am in hospital with dad for past 5 days no one is able diganose the cause of the pain, abdomen x ray was normal,
Cat scan was done again which showed no obstruction of intestine (last one was done on 19 th June which Came out clear) ,ultra sound
Didnt reveal anything abnormal, blood test were all normal .... Doctors have no clue whats causing the pain and he has been put on tremadol
,emeset and pantocid ..... Plz guys help if you knw anything about this and one more thing we had his endoscopy done as well the scope couldn't
Be navigated beyond the remaining esophageal cause the opening didn't
permit it but whatever could be seen from there was normal, doctors are now
Discussing weather they should dilate the stricture to see beyond

Guys please help

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Hi Shammi,
My mom complained of abdominal pain too so the drs completed a PETscan. Do you think that would help find out what is wrong or have they already tried that? They need to get to the bottom of the pain. CAn you get a second opinion?

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My name is Jeremie. This is something I posted about a week ago on someone elses chat. Although it should have showed up during PET/CT scan, you never know. My first 2 scans post surgery did not reveal anything abnormal.
Please keep posting on what you find out.
I hope this helps.

The third PET/CT scan after my esophagectomy (10 months post-surgery), it was discovered that my “gut” (their words) and blood vessels had become “whirled” (again, their words as stated in the report). Also, my juodenum has shifted to the right side. I am not making this stuff up. I too have been having strange stomach cramps, and am keeping a close eye on the situation. It is not unbearable, but I am concerned. My surgeon said he has not seen this phenomenon in any of his other patients and he is quite the pioneer in this field in MN. I am not on any restrictions, and their advice for now is get to the emergency room if it turns for the worst. Ahhhh. Okay!!! Sort of taking a wait and see approach at this point.
You never know, it might be something to look into.

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Were you having any pain right after surgery, or was it awhile before it started. Don had his surgery in March and about a month ago the pains started nad got to the point of pretty much all day long and he needs to take pain meds around the clock.

Nothing has shown up - should we be requesting a PET scan? He's had 2 CT scans within two weeks, gallbladder ultrasound and this morning the scope. Nothing. I see that Shammie's dad is in the hospital with this similar pain, but he started right after surger with this pain whereas Don did not.

Thank you,

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I just posted our update on Don and we are experiencing much the same as you are. Don's pains didn't start until 4 weeks ago or so and the pain has gotten steadily worse. He has had 2 CT scans within 2 weeks, and ultrasound of the gallbladder and this morning a scope. Nothing cancer or ulcer related is showing up.

The gastro doc seems to think this being caused by scarring and the nerves that were cut during the surgery. All I know is that the pain is pretty bad for Don.

The pain medicine causes constipation and he's tried 3 different meds for that - now he is going to do miralax once daily and a Walmart brand of fiber (Equate) 3 times a day for awhile and see if that helps relieve this terrible pain.

Please let me know if they come with anything on your dad and I'll let you know if they come up with anything on Don.

I don't know if it is okay for you to drink alcohol, but it is for me and I plan to consume mass quantities!


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Hi all ,
Thxs a lot for your replies , I just update u guys first more on dad situation, we are still in hospital the doc hAs put tremadol
On SOS now , last night he complained of pain so was given tremadol at around 2 am than again he complained of pain around 9 am and given
Tremadol, he vomitted the soft diet he was given last night , he also has problems since the day he has been admitted of passing gas and whenever he is having Stomacache he tries to burp or vomit , he thinks Tht will relieve him , x ray of the abdomen has already been taken at the time of pain which showed nothing significant.

One more thing which I would like to add is that my aunt and uncle both are doctors so when my dad got operated we went to a surgeon through one of my uncle's friend who is a surgeon, so my uncle and aunt and there doctor friends keep on discussing my dad problem , my dad has also be put on a lesuride( Iv injection) my uncle says its for pyscological illness with stomache something like irritable bowel syndrome ( kindly google it to knw more) although here the pain is real but there are no problems with anything it's mostly likely triggered due to stress ... But I think it's very unlikely that my dads problem could be pyscological.

@ William we didn't have full body ct scan because we had one on 19 th June so doctor just order for ct of abdomen, and please message Sheri and ask her to let me know if she knows anything more about this thanks

@jeremy u seem to have bearable pains which is not my dads case his pains are unbearable and nothing as of now suggest Tht he might have the same problem as yours, I'll definitely ask my surgeon abt it

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Judy even the gastro here told me that it might caused by stretching of nerves but he said its very unlikely because if that was the case the pain would have been there all the time and not like my dads case as in this is the third time after surgery he is having such and this time its probably taking the longest time to subside and I am trying to get to the root cause of it and will let u knw if I find anything

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