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Sister's Appt

Lynn Smith
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My sister saw the surgeon Monday.After some discussion she is having reconstruction.So the surgeon is sending her to a plastic surgeon and he will go over things and see what can or should be done. The general surgeon does the masctomies and the platic surgeon does the reconstruction????? She said both would be done the same time.I thought that is unusual. I thought masectomies and then reconstuction after some healing.Maybe I read both ways but most of the time first massectomie and then reconstruction.I'm sure most of you know more than me on this.

Now waiting for her to see the plastic surgeon and go from there.Will let all of you know then what they will do.She is the one with 2 different cancers in each breast.Usually that happens down the road but this happened for her first dx.4 malignant tumor 2 in each breast.Still not sure if any node involvement???? Won't know till the surgery.

Lynn Smith

Frankie Shannon
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They can do reconstruction right after will depend on what the Dr.says.Tell her my thoughts and prayers are with her.
Hugs Frankie

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thinking of you and your family


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Yes, they can do reconstruction at the same time. I know some have tissue expanders put in and then have the final surgery for the implants later on down on the road. I had a lumpectomy, so, I don't know much about either.

My prayers for your sister!

Hugs, Diane

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Hi Lynne..prayers for your sister. I had my bi lateral mastectomy on 5/20 and opted for immediate reconstruction. After the breast surgeon did her part my plastic surgeon came in and did his thing placing expanders. I go once a week for the expanders to be filled with water and in Sept. I will exchange the expanders for the actual implants and my nipples will be done than as well. Some have a third surgery for nipples. I had my chemo before I had any surgeries. Not sure what difference this makes.
I am sorry that your sister has to go through this but since she is, she is so fortunate to have you by her side for the journey.

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Megan M
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It sounds like your sister is really thinking more clearly now. I can only guess how the news she got affected her. I'm so sorry that she even has to face this.

Thanks for updating us and please continue.

My prayers,


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Thanks for updating us on your sister. I will be praying for her and for you too!

Hugs, Leeza

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Lots of prayers and hugs for you two!

Lynn Smith
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Got a call yesterday.She saw the plastic surgeon.Didn't take long to see him. She can't have a reconstruction with her own skin but will do it the other way.I'm not sure what to call that.(See I told you ladies this is all new to me even being a survivor).With friends dx and mine we had lumpectomies.My niece though(sister's daughter) had reconstruction using her skin.Her mom was told NO.She would prefer the other way.

My sister was told the surgeries will be before Aug 1.We have a family reunion next Sunday.She wants to take our 96 year old aunt.So I don't think it will be before then.At least after next weekend.Unless doctors change her mind.

Will let all of you know when I find out a date.They don't seem to want to waste time but my sister is laying back a bit.2 different cancers on both breasts is a bit much.

Yesterday her and her daughter-in-law were going through alot and throwing stuff away. Keeping busy.This got her in the work mode.Keeps her mind off things.

Lynn Smith

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Alexis F
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It's good that she is keeping busy and that it helps. I had a lumpectomy also, so, I don't know much about reconstruction. Everything is moving fast for her, but, that is probably a good thing.

I hope you had a good time at your family reunion!

Hugs, Lex

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Kristin N
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Praying for your sister.

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If your surgery is more medical rather than cosmetic then I would think an ENT would be better however if it is purely just for cosmetic reasons then I would suggest a PS.
Seeing as though you are wanting to fix a deviated septum then an ENT should be fine.

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