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TG level?

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I had TT in Nov 2010 and RAI Dec 2010..... but i m really confused with my follow up treatment.... when my TSH was 0.60 my TG was 1.86... as per my endo my TSH was too low.. so he decreasd my thyroxin dose.. TSH went 1.5 and TG 2.6.. now he again increasd the dose to get my TSH low.... i m so confused .. as from diff source from internet i have got to know TG should be undetectable or 0 if totally clean. where as mine is going up and down. does it mean i still have cancer left? i m frustrated with my endo... as i am from Bangladesh the treatment here is very poor and i have doubt about the knowledge of the doctors.i had my whoel treatment in bankok.going for regular checkup there is very expensive for me?can any one tell if TG should be 0 or really low?

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Hi Farzana,
What a challenge dealing with this when you feel your local endo may not know enough about thyroid cancer. Tg should be zero after RAI. Thyroglobulin (Tg) is emitted only by thyroid cells so when it reads more than zero it is an indication that you have remaining thyroid cells in your body. They may not be cancerous, but could very well be. The idea behind RAI is to kill all remaining thyroid cells after the TT is done. Some people need more than one round of RAI - my understanding is that this is not at all uncommon. If your Tg is rising, something should be done other than just putting you on some sort of watch. RAI would perhaps be a first step. Sometimes RAI becomes less effective so you have to stay on top of the situation.

As for TSH, I can't recall what the range is for most thyca patients (I am at high risk so mine is kept at 0.03). How often are you getting TSH checked as your dose is adjusted? My understanding is that it takes about six weeks for the change to register so if they are trying to figure out your correct dose, you could be evaluated within six weeks of so of a dosage change. Don't let it go months between though.

Is there any way that you can have one of the specialists in Bankok evaluate your latest labs and records and offer his or her opinion about what should be done, via email or mail? I live in a distant corner of the US and have been able to consult at a distance on some aspects of my treatment. My oncologist in Alaska consults with a counterpart at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. I realize this is all within the same country, but is this something you may be able to do from Bangladesh?
Very best to you.

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u cant imagine how much ur comment helped me. my endo is least bothered about my TG...i m plannign to go to Bankok for a checkup very soon. although its very expensive....but i cant take any chance with this.

yeah i do can send my report to my endo in bankok. i think i will do that this week after my new blood work. my endo had my last test in dec... and asked me to go there in july again with the tests.... i am totally lost. although i dont have any prob with my health and leading a very normal life... no fatigue or weight gain.. or anything....

thanks again

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Hi. I live and work in Oman, and my care has been ok but my endo no longer wants to handle my case as it is a bit more difficult than he is used to. Which hospital in Bangkok did you go to and which doctor did you see. I am thinking of going there for my continued follow up.

Any info you have would be wonderful....and keep in touch


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Hi... really sorry for being late. as i didnt check here. I go to Bumrungrad hospital in bangkok. Dr. Rosanee Valayasebi...... hope this help. i am going to bangkok this 25th for my checkup...

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