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Well the fl is back. Going to do watch and wait for 3months and rescan.
Dammit. It's still low grade.

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Really sorry Beth! I can't even imagine how you're feeling right now. Very disappointing news, I will be keeping you in my prayers, please take care of yourself!


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Damn Beth so sorry to hear it. Keep us updated when you can. They have all kinds of routes they can take with treatment. John

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Gosh Beth, I'm so sorry you got this news.
Please keep us updated. Keeping you in my thoughts.

You know we're here for you.


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I'm sorry sweetie... Praying for you... looks like you've been dealing with this for sometime now... Think positive and pray a lot...

My dad is going through sct at the moment..

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Hi Beth,
Well, to say the least...this news is a total bummer! You've been dealing with on and off cancer treatments since 2006....unreal my friend...don't know how you've handled it so well for this long. I am so sorry Beth and will keep super positive thoughts for you during the 3 month "watch and wait". I'm glad it's slow growing/low grade...at least you can go through the summer before deciding "whats next". Love you...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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I am so sorry to hear that it's back. Oh God I just hate this! It is all just HARD. We are with you of course and I am keeping you in my prayers. And I am praying for a cure already.


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I'm so sorry to hear that it is back. Hopefully in 3 months it will not progress.
I too am on watchful waiting, I was diagnosed in February this year with Stage 3 Mantle Cell Lymphoma. I went for my first 3 month checkup last week & I go back again in 3 months (good news). I know you have been dealing with this for years & I will pray or you that it does not grow. I did not realize how much waiting sucks but I guess it is a good thing. I will keep you in my prayers along with everyone else who is dealing with the big C.

Keep the Faith,


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Max Former Hodg...
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Greetings from the sunny South (SC). I don't think that I have read a cancer ordeal quite like yours before. It does seem there is some little bit to be glad about: no movement into organs, and the bone marrow staying clean, plus it has never morphed into leukemia. I hope when the strain is positively identified that it is treatable. We all know you are a fighter.


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beth i am so sorry you have you have to deal with this again try to stay posiv

beth i am so sorry you have to go through this again i know its hard but try to stay positive i will keep you in my prayers. blessings denise

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