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new here trying to get ready for the ride of a life time.

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Hello everyone just found out that I have Esophageal Cancer,
Will see my cancer Dr. this coming Friday. The Dr. that found it.
Did say it is not good, will be a long road ahead of me.
Now I will be laid off at the end of July, no job will have insurance
Until next April. I am a former USMC going to try and get on VA going through trying to get DD 214 form.
I also have a son on disability, I’m 56 years old can draw 275 week unemployment.
I will get 1 year pay will use this to pay off home. Going to see a lawyer to make a will so
Son will have a home. William W. Marshall I will add to profile as I go.
And try to keep you updated as I go through this. I live in Cleveland Tennessee.
I think finding a job now is going to be hard to do. I’m trying to think of what to do.
But only can think of my son and what’s going to happen to him when I’m gone.
Will my bills be to much and they take my home. So this is what we all go through.
And we have been through so much just to get here. It is so hard to live.
But then again this is part of living. Going to leave now. Just saying I do believe in God.
Can’t say I’m in good standing with him could have done better. I know he loves me.
And he will forgive me of my ways.
This cancer is not of him. This is done by man.

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1. Who is the doctor that "found it?" Dr. George Samuel,D.O.
2. How did he come to diagnose you with EC? Got piece of meat stuck in my throat. They had to go in and push it down or take it out I don’t which.
3. What kind of tests did he perform to confirm his findings? They performed an upper endoscopy
During the procedure he found the following.
Stricture of the middle third of the esophagus (dilation)
Grade 2 esophagitis in the gastroesophageal junction (biopsy)
Medium hiatal hernia
Then had a scan done.
4. What kind of doctor is he? Gastroenterology, Osteopathy
I will see my cancer DR. this coming Friday, I will knowmore about her then.
He did say he had a Patient with this age 70 that was worst then me and still living, don’t know how long ago or when.

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Sorry for your diagnosis. William is exactly correct in everything he says. You need to know your staging. Cleveland, Tennessee is a nice area. It is near Chattanooga, more importantly, it is near Atlanta. Atlanta has some well known hospitals and programs. You are about two hours from Atlanta. My husband and I travelled about an hour and a half one way for his treatment.

You did not mention if you have a support base. Sometimes it may be necessary to have a driver for even a short trip to downtown Cleveland. Further, there may be times that you will need assistance.

All of these answers and plans depend on your treatment plan based on your staging. Unless the oncologist you are seeing is familiar with esophageal cancer and has a treatment record of taking care of esophageal cancer patients, you may need to get her to work with an EC team at a major medical center.

I would suggest that you contact your local social service agencies regarding the upcoming treatment issues. Home health, respite care and planning for your son should be put in place. You, as well, may have need of their services. They may be able to assist you with VA.

My husband was 69 when diagnosed. He was first staged !!B possible III but when he had his surgery following a brutal chemo/radiation schedule that all trimodal treated EC patients face, he was staged IIA. (Yay!)

He is two years post-op and his last scan showed NED (no evidence of disease) We are very thankful. He is very active. Just has to remember to eat properly--which he still has a hard time doing. Loves to eat.

William and Paul as well as many others were stage III and are going strong. We pray they continue so.

If you learn you are Stage IV, there are many on this site who are dealing or have dealt with this diagnosis. It is hard and heart-wrenching. These wonderful people freely share the information they have. Once you get more information, please post as they can give you the benefit of their knowledge. Their knowledge is not to be disregarded. I have never seen a real member of this discussion group give bad advice.

Time is of the essence in getting information. William, I believe, always encourages a second opinion. Misdiagnosis and mis-staging can lead to such errors in treatment. So, try to find out as much as you can from your visit with your oncologist and get back on here and let us know.

Prayers to you and your family. Good luck. BMGky

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Welcome to our little family. I sent you a private email.
I'm sure lots of others will chime in with all kinds of info and advise. Hang in there and prepare to join the roller coaster ride with us!
Thinking of you and sending prayers.


DX October 2009: T3N1M0
November and December 2009: chemo (Cisplatin and 5 FU) and radiation
February 2010: Ivor Lewis surgery

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You can apply for Social Security Disability and will automatically qualify. There will be a six month waiting period and the payments do not go back and cover those six months, but your amount will be the same as it would be if you were fully retired. You will need to be sure you can get through the six months financially - perhaps take a bit of your 401K or other retirement/pension plan?

I truly do not understand why you have to wait six months - it does not make any sense to me at all, but my husband applied right away after a friend told him about it and he was approved within a week - just had to wait the six month period. I thank God for my job and our insurance.

Come back and visit us as often as you can and keep us updated. As you can see, William is a treasure trove of information and so are the other members on this site. So glad you found us and so sorry you needed to.

Sending you a ton of hugs and positive mojo,

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Dear Judy Reed
Thank you so much for the information I do get to draw employment so that should take care of the first 6 months. My first though on apply for disability would be after surgery, thanks to you I now know better.
(William is a treasure trove of information) and so are you.
This will take a lot of stress off of me. Thank you Judy Reed what a blessing you gave me. I’m not ready to take this monster on. But I will a sure you with all this support I will get my act together soon.
Sending a ton of hugs back at you
No matter how little or great you think you help someone that’s needs help. It is a big deal.
The fear that can be placed in someone heart can be as big as mountain and only help and faith can move this mountain out of the way.
Thank you all
Loretta and Billy
Judy Reed

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This site will provide access to many great people with true life experience. They will be valuable to your journey. My sister is fighting this disease. Just a FYI> This cancer is on the Disability Compassionate Allowance which means if you apply for disability and have this disease you go the front of the line. You can work as long as your salary does not exceed certain levels. Of course no guarentees in this life, but it is worth vising a local office. Following is a link to the site. http://www.ssa.gov/compassionateallowances/conditions.htm

God Bless you during this journey.

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Hello everyone yes I did see the Dr. Friday no cancer in the lymph nodes have hardening in the GE junction, 3.1 cm x 2.8 cm from first scan. She said no need for treatment just Surgery. Then maybe treatment.
She is going to set up one more scan PTE. Here are the Dr.’s she named to me Dr. portera and vatle or could be valle. William was wondering if Vanderbilt had any good doctors. Report from distal esophageal biopsy.” Received information is 3, 0.3cm tan mucosal fragments.
I started a diet, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, Lots of vegetables. Just foods for my blood type. Yes I know sugar and fats feed the cancer. So no sugar or fats going in this body. I also know only foods straight from ground are good to eat for right now.
If you don’t care William could you check on Dr.s

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I would like to wish you the best. My mom had stage 4 when diagnosed. She started treatment, but stopped when too ill. Did not have surgery except for feeding tube. If I could make a suggestion as to what she said she would have done differently....start on a MACROBIOTIC diet right away. If she had done this sooner, I think she could have at least prolonged her time, possibly beat it. There is documented evidence online you can look up, but it is basically an eastern asian diet, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, except occassional fish. Lots of vegetables. It resets the body's Ph so that cancer is starved. Many times, western medicine tries to "fatten you up" by sugar feedings but sugar just feeds the cancer (that is why you must ingest so much sugar water before you take a PET scan for the cancer to show up.) It is not easy, but we do know of people that it worked for. Can even use in conjunction with a feeding tube if you get one, eat Miso soup through the tube. This is just the wisdom I learned from a loving mom and if I pass it on I will make her proud.

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We have also done this diet for my dad. Nutrition is key to maintaining and even reversing some of the effects of cancer. We have eliminated sugar, stopped dairy, added protien to every meal and incorporated foods for his blood type in his diet. In conjunction with chemo, he has been doing very well, considering. Best of luck to you.


Dad Stage IV EC
DX 8/2010
Mets Liver, Blood and Bone

P.S. Unsweetened Almond Milk is a great altenative to dairy!

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We have also done this diet for my dad. Nutrition is key to maintaining and even reversing some of the effects of cancer. We have eliminated sugar, stopped dairy, added protien to every meal and incorporated foods for his blood type in his diet. In conjunction with chemo, he has been doing very well, considering. Best of luck to you.


Dad Stage IV EC
DX 8/2010
Mets Liver, Blood and Bone

P.S. Unsweetened Almond Milk is a great altenative to dairy!

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Coach B
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I am still confused with the foods... mo dairy products is that mean no organic yogurt, milk or meat? so u mean any kind os simple sugar that we eat daily from fruits such as blueberries strawberries watermelon grapes peaches plums and they are for on simple surgers and some complex from vegetables so no sugar at all which mean can you explain to me clearly im still confused....

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You have to balance the sugars. No processed sugars. Sweeten your foods and drinks with stevia. In my Dad's case, he can only have berries. And he can only have 1 cup per day and only in the morning. Some veggies do break down into sugars, too, you're right. If it comes from the ground and you can squeeze it and get some sort of water out of it, its unlimited. Eat as much as you want. Cucumbers, green, leafy salads, broccoli, asparagus , ect. But if it's like a carrot, or a potato, you have to limit them because they will break down into sugar. No dairy because it's FULL of sugar. Try Almond Milk Unsweetened. Does the same job without the sugar. Our nutritionist recommends avoiding soy milk, but it is case by case for everyone. It may not apply to you... I would definitely find a good nutritionist if you can. Ours has shared invaluable info with us.

Hope that helped and didn't confuse you further!


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