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Okay, I am 8 treatments done in radiation and one cycle of Cisplatin done 8 days ago. Yesterday the soreness in the mouth and throat hit just overnight. I am guessing more as a side effect of the Cisplatin than the radiation at this point. I had tried the Miles Magic last week as the Oncologist wanted me to start on it, but the minute I swallow it, I am instantly nauseated. Have been using the salt and baking soda rinses that the Radiation dept recommended. I did not read about the Mu-gard until I had already started treatments. I know it says you should use from the beginning, but did any one else start using this later and did it help? Just didn't know if it was wortht getting the doctor to order it for me or not. He had not ever used it on anyone before but they seem to be open to whatever I want to try. Thanks for any help. By the way, I tried honey for 2 days before and after treatments and had to stop, it just made me so sick to my stomach.

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into rads...if your Dr. will give you samples of it now, and then prescribe it for you...you'll be covered. It prevents sores, and for me it worked well. I only had one sore all during all my treatments thus far. Your mouth could easily be feeling the effects of the rads after 8 treatments.

When my Onc prescribed it she told me that it has to come directly from the Cancer Pharmacy, and they called me. Here's the fun part...they asked me if I could pay $345 a month for it, I gasped...and they lowered the cost to $100 per month. When I got on here and told that story, someone else said I should have gasped twice, that they were getting it for $50 a month. Just be sure to gasp a lot at the cost, and they'll jump in quickly and lower the price...

You're not too late....keep in mind it stings like crazy when you first put it in your mouth, then the soothing part comes....and then a numbness. Ya just got to get past the first stinging.


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Thanks for the reply. I don't think they have any samples, they acted like they had never heard of it before I brought it to their attention. So insurance won't cover it apparently, huh? I did decide to give the Magic Mouthwash another try today and so far it has not nauseated me, I can only hope and pray. So is MuGard all you used? Just trying to do what will get me thru this the best. I really want to keep eating some by mouth and just use the feeding tube as a supplement. I have been so inspired by your posts.

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I got a prescription for Magic Mouthwash, but never used any of it. Somebody on here got it by contacting the MuGard people directly, but I can't remember who it was...maybe Sam??
This is their site, and it looks like there is a way to contact them to find out how to get it.


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I went on there web-site and downloaded the application and filled it in
gave it to my dentist to fill in his part and he faxed it in. Within a day or
so they contacted me, said it would be $60 ... I said ok, and two days later
it was at my door.
Hope this helps.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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Yes i contacted also directly after Laralyn told me about it. They covered all the cost that my insurance did not cover, so to me it was no cost. I believe my insurnce paid $800 and they paid rest $500.

I still ended up with mouth sores wihich as per my doc are not bad at all. She did not believe in mugard but now based on my exp, she is going to recommed this to more patients.

Mugard is something that will prevent mouth sores from developing. Magic mouth is juat a mouth was thay covers it temporarilu with licodine so you could eat/ drink without pain.

I recommend using mugard.

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