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I can't believe I JUST found you all!!

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I have been looking for somewhere to bounce information and news off of others for sometime now. Now, as I'm sitting in the hospital with my dad for his chemo infusion, I stumble upon this forum FULL of familiar stories and encouraging statements!! Thank God!! My dad is 67doing years young and has been fighting EC since 2010. He has had his ups and downs. He lost his voice fairly recently, which was a huge stressor to him! He used to be a tenor in the church choir and someday hopes to return. And after a stint of vomiting and not being able to eat solid foods for a few weeks, he has made TREMENDOUS strides!! We recieved some very discouraging news from the oncologist which led to some research of alternative medicine. They insisted he needed a feeding tube and there would be no way around it. Then they told us his quality of life would most likely diminish. I was led to Oasis of Hope Hospital. They really encouraged survival! They gave us strength and hope. We have a new perspective of Cancer now. My faith is stronger. I'm just so happy to have found this site. Please keep in touch. It's encouraging to see so many others with EC pulling through!! I look forward to reading about everything!!

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Wow! I didn't expect criticism! :) Guess I shouldn't be surprised. We only within the last week have come back from Oasis. The California branch is an outpatient only hospital. Yesterday was my dad's first doctor appointment since we've been home. 2½ years ago, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 EC. He had chemo and radiation and for a minute, the tumor was inactive. The chemo shrunk the tumor 60%. But late last year, it grew again. The doctor put him on a more aggressive chemo without radiation and my dad's health began to decline. The chemo was too strong and drained his body. Then he was eating one day and something got stuck in his esophagus. He started vomiting. My mom took him to the hospital. That's when the oncologist suggested a feeding tube. She said it was inevitable. Then they said after he got the tube, he would be lucky to have a couple more months. She suggested that he get things in order and make the best of the time he has left. Well... that's where I drew the line. I was ready to unplug his ivs and just take him home! Who has the right to tell you your time is up?! So, after doing some research, we found Oasis. No, they don't promise to cure anything. Yes, they do accept Medicare. Yes, I researched the credentials of the TEAM of docs that I trust with his life. They offer education. They offered us hope. They pointed us in a different direction. They have integrated medicine. They work with my dad's current chemo regiment and attack the cancer from all angles. Something we NEVER got from Kaiser! There are so many different treatments they do for the entire body. Oasis offers a great deal of alternative, integrative, educational, empowering methods. Yes, it can get expensive. I don't know if they are centered around money. They were wonderful. In my opinion, the stuff we learned is priceless. I hope that sums up our story a little more. I'm not leaving the site because you have an opinion. I appreciate those who speak their mind. I look forward to chatting some more!

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Glad you found this wonderful site and so sorry that you had to! It's kind of a bittersweet thing, eh? Great to be here and sorry to be here. Well, you keep on asking questions, and expressing your feelings. This is a wonderful site with very knowledgeable folks as well as folks who are in the same boat as you!

Keep up the good fight.

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I have just read the string of posts and although I can see where William is coming from, I do understand how you thought that you were being critisised.
William is a wonderful font of knowledge and he has been such a source of help and inspiration to almost eveyone here. What you perhaps don't know is that he is a 'Say it as it is man', a very plain speaker. I also posted something here and got a response that I didn't expect. It knocked me back so badly for a few days that I really didn't want to come back here, but I did, and I have realised that I need the strength of all the people here to help me cope with things and I am very grateful to them all.
Everything that is posted here is done so with the very best of intentions and we all root for one another and watch each others backs. No one would knowingly discourage you. Please don't let anything put you off and continue to come back here and be a part of our growing family. You will learn so much about this condition and it will help you to get through it.

I believe that alternative medicine has a place here too, but in addition to traditional treatments. My husband had CT/Pet scan and diagnosis in the Canary Islands. His tumour was 8.5cms and stage 111. We were trying to decide whether to go home to England for the treatment, or stay with our family in the Canary Islands. We decided to go home to England, but all the time we were here, we had Rob on a high anti-oxidant diet. There is a fruit here called 'Tunos Indios'. It is a cactus fruit and the the 'Blue Fruit' class. I juiced these every morning for Rob. In the afternoon I gave him juiced mango, quark and a teaspoon of Lenoil. (This is a linseed oil). Other than that, I just made sure that his diet was healthy. Not too much fat or sugar and lots of fresh vegetables and soups etc.
When we finally got back to the UK, Rob had more CT/Pet scans and his tumour had shrunk to 5.7cms. Was this an accident of measurements? I don't know, but what I do know is that the things that we did diet and health wise, (walking four miles a day), kept him going until he got home for his chemo and then his operation. He had stopped losing weight and it also helped to keep us focussed on something else and feel positive. After all how could natural things in our diet be detrimental. What could it hurt.
Rob has come through his op with flying colours and although he has had some small difficulties, he is doing well now. I still keep up the diet.
To put all of your faith in Surgeons and medics,is not something I would want to do. I put all my faith in prayer and in helping myself. Whatever works for you is what you should be doing, but please remember that knowledge is a great tool to help you fight this beast and you will find it here.
The very best wishes to you and your family from our family.
Hugs and prayers,
Marci x

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