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how many of you are peri-menopausel?

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I am a breast cancer survivor, and am currently taking tamoxifen which although small increases our risk of Uterine cancer. On another forum someone posted about an article by the director of MO of an SF Bay Area cancer center: If a patient is premenopausal and continues to menstruate on tamoxifen, which happens quite often, there is essentially no risk for endometrial cancer, as the uterine lining is shed each month, thereby eliminating any cells that were "pre-malignant." Have you heard of this? curious I am.

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I am not in your group, but my mother, who is a 26 year breast cancer survivor,was on Tamoxifen for 5 years(with no recurrence),was told it was a very good thing she had a hysterectomy years earlier because the Tamoxifen had a bad reputation for for causing uterine and endometrial cancer wither you are still having periods or not. This was a long time ago,and things change, but after the horror I have been through with (UPSC) uterine cancer, I'd get a hysterectomy! Just my opinion! Best, debrajo

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I also am a breast cancer survivor -original diagnosis '93, recurrence '99. I started tamoxifen the beginning of july 99 about 2-3 wks after a period, last one I ever had. In late Dec '05, I had sudden onset heavy uterine bleedding. Multiple polyps found on D&C, but Path apparently missed cancer cells. 21 months later I was Stage IVB uterine papillary serous ca. Doctors all insist no relation to yrs on tamoxifen, saying history of breast cancer is a risk factor. However as my UPSC is not hormone receptor positive and tamoxifen blocks hormone receptors everywhere not just in breasts, it would seem more likely a cause than for the more common endometroid cancer whch can be a result of excessive hormone exposure, IMHO.

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