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Well Differentiated Liposarcoma of Left Thigh

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I was diagnosed with a Well Differentiated Liposarcoma that measured 18 X 10 X 4.5 cm.

In September 2011, I noticed a strange lump in my left thigh and went to a doctor, I was told I had a pulled muscle. My leg didn't hurt, it just had this bulge was squishy and moved around in my thigh. Since I was told that the lump was just a pulled muscle I thought my leg was just swelling when it continued to get bigger. By January 2012 it was significantly bigger and my knee started to bother me. Since I'm thin it was very noticable that one leg was so much larger than the other. I got a second opinion from another doctor that I know and she told me that I needed an MRI but it was probably just a fatty tumor. The MRI results came back and I was told that I needed to see an Orthopedic Oncologist. I went to Dr. Kimberly Smith in Oklahoma City, OK on 2-14-12 for my surgery. Dr. Smith was fabulous and removed the entire tumor. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days (the 2nd day because I reacted terribly to the anesthesia.) My recovery was very easy, I was back to work on crutches a week later. I still have some numbness & my leg is a little weaker than it was but it's getting stronger! I didn't have to have chemo or radiation, I was told that it isn't effective for this type of cancer. I did have a CT scan of my lungs just to be sure the cancer had not metastasized which came back clear. I will be getting MRI's on my leg every 6 months and am hoping for good results. My scar on my leg is a blessing...it reminds me that I am blessed to still have my leg!

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How are you doing? Can you tell me about your treatment plan? My brother is getting a biopsy done this week. They told him its sarcoma, so I have done a ton of reading. I would like to know you are today.

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Your post is helping me feel a little more optimistic! I just found out the mass in my left thigh is most likely liposarcoma. I meet with the surgeon on Friday and I'm so nervous!! Reading some of these boards is freaking me out! I'm glad your treatment was successful! Did your mass interfere with your sciatic nerve at all? I'm concerned because mine does and I wonder if that will cause long term problems with my leg.

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Hi everyone and well wishes to you all. In the Summer of 2011, I began to feel moderate pain in my left thigh. My doctor, at that time, misdiagnosed me as having Fibromyalgia coupled with pain from being overweight. Not knowing much about Fibromyalgia, I did my research on the matter, but I didn't fall for the weight diagnosis. Yes, of course I knew that I was overweight, but I wasn't complaining of pain in my knees or ankles (which is where I understand pain occurs as a result of weight). I was a very active and fit big girl. My pain was isolated to this one thigh. In January of 2012, I noticed that I had a bulging mass on the top of my quadrant within 3 weeks it grew significantly. In March, again, I was told that because of my weight and I was not walking properly, my left thigh was overcompensating and the muscle was being overworked and that he would prescribe physical therapy. What??? The bulge kept growing and he nor any other doctor from that medical plan acknowledged my concern. In June of this year I changed medical plans and doctors. It took one visit to my new doctor and she immediately referred me to an orthopedist who did an MRI and referred me to his partner, and orthopedic tumor oncologist. By July, I'd had a preliminary diagnosis of Sarcoma, but they would perform an open biopsy to determine what kind of sarcoma. Within 2 days of the biopsy, I received a call from my wonderful orthopedic tumor oncologist telling me that I had a Leiomyosarcoma. Immediately, I began to research this and everything that I came across began to scare me. Sarcoma's are difficult and especially the leiomyosarcoma's. All that I read said that physician's didn't prescribe chemo or radiation because this type of sarcoma is resistant. Please don't accept this. I research physicians and found a group that is 3 1/2 hours from my home that had successfully treated sarcomas and specifically leiomyosarcoma. In August I began my first round of chemotherapy and it was horrible. I was hospitalized for 5 days of 24 hour chemo drip and returned 21 days later for the same thing. Did I say how horrible this was? It was the worst 2 months of my life so far, but so worth it. Last month, October 2nd, I had the tumor removed and pathology came back indicating that the chemo was effective at causing necrosis so that all the tumor margins were negative as well as causing necrosis to the center of the tumor. Yes, I have a serious battle wound, but I'm so glad that monster was removed. I now am on my 8th day of 30 radiation sessions. In January I'm scheduled to go back for at least two more of those horrible chemo treatments, but my prognosis looks great. Yes, my leg will never be the same. I have some nerve damage, which was there prior to the surgery as a result of the damage the tumor caused. I lost one of my quadrant muscles and lost feeling on a pretty good sized part of my outer thigh, but I'm alive and I consider myself extremely blessed, despite the situation. I found a great group of physician's who were willing to fight this battle with me as aggressively as possible. My journey is far from over, but I'm grateful for the many blessings that I've experienced during this journey - great doc's, primary and only lesion, negative margins, and a great treatment plan. Do your research, don't settle for it won't work, this is your life fight for it and don't let anyone in your circle that isn't willing to fight it with you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me, if there's anything that I can share with you about my journey thus far. I pray for us all! Many blessings to you during your journey!

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