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GFR And Creatine

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Just a quick question,my GFR IS 54 and my Creatine is 1.4 ,what i am curious about is if this is my new normal or is it possible these numbers might improve over time. Thanks and have a Nice Day

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The Creatine seems in the upper range of normal so that should be OK. You GFR put you in stage 3 Kidney Disease which is between 31 and 59 and is sort of normal for a person with 1 kidney and your age. Mine was down to 41 last year and is now up to 45 as a result of more aggressive control of my Blood Pressure with a Nephrologist. Our GFR's are too low because of only 1 kidney, blood pressure and age all of which negatively affect it. My Nephrologist says if I keep my GFR where it is I will outlive my kidney. Also he feels that the greater concern with a low GFR is a heart incident rather than kidney failute. Since you are at least 15 years younger than I. I would definately see a Nephrologist about your GFR. My understanding is that non club members may have a 90 GFR while those in our club strive for a reading of 60.


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I was a little dissapointed with the GFR being where it was ,I am going on vacation next week and when i return i will seek out a Nephrologist

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Please, folks - you might want to take creatine as a food supplement, particularly if you're a strength athlete. The waste product that they measure (as one indication of kidney function) is the creatine metabolite called creatinine.

iceman has given you the lowdown Mike - eGFR goes down with one kidney and as we get older. Diet and exercise can be used to improve your status. I think your 54 isn't anything to worry about and there is a compensation in which the remaining kidney develops more capacity to make up some of the deficit. After my first op mine was 53, with which the docs were comfortable (but that is possibly because I have ideal BMI and blood pressure and take a lot of exercise all of which militate against the cardiovascular hazards that iceman dutifully keeps us reminded about). Mine went back up over 60 but after my recent second op a few weeks ago it was 58. Others have reported recovery of their eGFR to higher levels in recovery.

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