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+ Problems with this site :(

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Joined: Aug 2011

I'm going to vent here...


Lately, I feel like I'm contantly fighting with this website. I know
it's free and how valuable it is to us and I'm thankful we have it.
Lately (past 2-3 weeks), I'm having so many problems getting on or staying on the site.

It constantly drops me right in the middle of posting or takes a long time
to pull up pages. I'm using IE explorer 9. I don't have this issue
with other websites and things have checked out on my end.

It happens at all hours and the number of people logged in doesn't seem
to make a difference. I'm very frustrated and irritated.

There, that felt better: A L I T T L E ☺ !

Anyone else having these issues?

Hugs and positive thoughts,

DX: DLBL 4/2011, Chemo completed 10/2011, currently in remission. :)

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Hi Jim,
Yes...I have some of the same problems....especially if I take too long in writing a reply...the site times out too quickly and my post gets dropped. I've learned to copy my reply and then when it gets dropped, I can go back and paste it and not have to re-write everything. Took me awhile to learn to do that! UGH! I also encounter Server Down at least twice a week or better. Easter weekend I couldn't get on for 24 hours...VERY frustrating! I don't know what the deal is, but at least we arn't alone...seems to happen to everyone at one time or another. Sue

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I have the same problem here too. I write responses and wait and something pops up and says can not find server or server busy,etc. Even when I hold my mouth right it still don't help. I find if I cuss a little bit I feel better but it still don't help. John

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Posts: 2111
Joined: Aug 2011

LOL - I do most of my cussin' when I'm driving ;).

Yosemite Sam says it best ☺

I hate to bug Greta about this but it's gotten worse lately.

Thanks for sharing.

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I can tell you the answer ahead of time. " Experiencing Technical Difficulties". I have heard it so many times in the past.Then again anything is worth a try !!! John

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Hi guys

I have had so much trouble getting on the site lately, seems so much worse than before.

I don't have problems with any other site I visit, just this one!!!!

Hopefully, the problems will be fixed ASAP.

I miss talking with you all, very frustating.


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Hi everybody,
Yep it takes me a while to be able to get on here then if it takes too long for the pages to load it will come back saying server not found! Now how am I going to get my daily fix!!! LOL... Take care everybody!

Hi Lisha, nice hearing from you take care (((HUGS)))


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