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Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor

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My husband had a malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor removed from his back in September last year. It had spread to his lungs (10 tumors) and 2 on the liver. He also has a compromised immune system. He had 3 rounds of chemo which only made the tumors larger and did nothing. He is now on alternative treatment and will list for you what we are doing and will keep posting the progress for those of you who are struggling with this out there.

He is on heavy doses of Vitamin C and B intravenous drips 2 per week which hopefully will shrink the tumors which is what is supposed to happen
He is on the following vitamins : A 1 ant cancer product from Australia, Strong good quality multi vitamin, co enzyme Q 10, Glutamine, Selenium, Cellfood to oxygenate the blood, Vit D 3 in liquid form, Omega 3 and a strong pro biotic. He has also just completed a complete liver and body detox with the Metagenics Ultra Clear Renew and is now on a medically controlled fast, taking the Metagenics products, under the supervision of our brilliant homeopath. He also follows an alkaline diet much like the Gerson Cancer Therapy diet and sits on the Rife Machine 2 times per week. The rife machine is programmed to different illnesses. He also detoxes on the Rife in between each session. He also has ozonated baths as often as possible. Has anyone else got any further info for me in particular on the success of the Rife machine. We have borrowed one but want to purchase our own but they are very expensive. I think we have covered all the bases though but am always willing to try any method that has had success in the past with these tumors.

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