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Cancer sucks rotten eggs!

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I am so angry I can't see straight. My sister may have OVC or some sort of cancer. She is in shock. OK I get that, but she is not moving. She has no health insurance, so I found one. There is no GYN Oncologist so I have been looking all over the state for the closest one to her.

She is focused on the side effects of her hormone med. It might make her gain weight. I was so angry. I can't fill out her paperwork for her. I can't drag her to surgery. I was chatting with her and was blunt.

I told her if this was OVC and she wanted to see her children grow up, she needed to get her ass in gear. I understand the fear the mere mention of cancer invokes. I can't understand her not moving on it out of sheer pride at the cost. There is a family ready willing and able to help her....and yet she does not move. I have met many a woman who would give their eye teeth for this kind of support.

We are different her and I. I know that once the fog of denial lifts, she will want to throw everything at it. She will fight tooth and nail for her children. I want to give her that fighting chance......but she won't respond. I am praying for a benign growth. I am praying I am overreacting. But I can't just ignore family and personal history.

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I cannot imagine how you must feel. Like you said there are options for people without insurance, and the hard truth is, it can be a "while" before it will be approved adn all the red tape cut. I agree, she needs to start this NOW. Let me know what she decides. Funny, I never felt denial, I guess I always knew in my gut I was sick.

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I can totally understand your position. And I agree with you that once this all 'settles in', IF there is something to deal with, she will face it head on - she has a great, loving sister and supportive family to help see her through.

What state are you in? If in Michigan, or even Ohio, my gyn/onc is the best. He's located in Southfield and Novi, Michigan. So even a drive over the border from Canada is a hop-skip-and-a-jump.

Sending lots of prayers and hugs - keep us informed.


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I hope she is not in as much trouble as she could be, it is horrible to worry about our family. I have one sister who is proactively doing what she can to make sure her and her dr don't miss ovca and another one who thinks passing a dr in the hall of the hospital that she works in counts as a physical !
Keep at her , my biggest fear is that I won't be here to nag my family about being vigilant so they do not have to go thru what I am going thru. Good Luck .

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My sister and I are very opposite in every way. She went with me to my first appt. with my medical oncologist. (I had to go 3 hrs. away to find a gyn/onc. for my surgery). Anyway, she is very naive. I told her she should live her life as though this is hereditary. She said she's just now worried about it. (her gyn is including a Vaginal ultrasound in her annual check ups now). My dr. told her she should be worried about it! She thinks most things are basically "in your head." She implied that my being hungry all the time from the steroids was "in my head," since when she was on them for a cough and other respitory problems. She didn't get hungry. She said she just told herself that she wouldn't be hungry.

If only we could beat disease at will.....

I'm sure your sister will come around. We all know the fear and denial. I have never been so scared in my life. I have a 21 yr. old daughter. She knows she now has a higher chance of developing ovca in her lifetime. It scares her, but she understands.

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kimberly sue 63
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I don't even no how to respond to your sister's reaction. However, everyone deals with bad news, stress, and changes from the norm in different ways. Hopefully she will begin to start to manage it and seek care.

But I agree CANCER SUCKS!!

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and you're not overreacting. We can truly understand your anger - you're frustrated and scared for her. I too hope and pray that she has a benign growth and when her fog of denial lifts (hopefully really soon), I know that you'll be there for her every step of the way.


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about your sister. This durn thing is so hard to be hit with. You can't know how to accept it early on OR ever. Glad she has you.

garden gal
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like some of the other ladies have said, everyone deals with bad news diferently. She's lucky to have you at her side. Once the shock wears off she'll come around and start fighting tooth and nail. Realy hope and pray its not as bad as you think. Kathy

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She is actually going to apply for the insurance. I called the insurance to make sure they covered cancer full or the possibility of it and they did.


That site provides links to federally and state funded health insurance for people with preexisting conditions.

We are moving forward!!

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I hope she doesn't have cancer..sending prayers and good thoughts..val

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We are still clueless about what she has beyond a mass. The doc ordered an ultrsound which found nothing. The mass was found via the CT. So next thing is to do a colonoscopy. Her current doc still refuses to do a CA 125. I know you can get false positives with it but with our family history there is just cause to run it.

I did get a copy of what the CT report read. Beyond it being more than a simple cyst, and not having ascites....no clue.

There are places in this country that offer crap for healthcare. She is in one of the regions. It is actually the poster child politicians use for healthcare reform.

Huge expenditures no decent outcome.

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So sorry that your sister is having to deal with healthcare headaches, at a time when she's trying to find out what the mass is. Sending good thoughts and prayers to her and you, and hoping that she doesn't have cancer.


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