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faith tested

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Hi I am wondering if other people have had thier faith tested by dealing with cancer. I am a caregiver who is struggling. I have tried reaching out to the pastor of my church with no luck. I have always had strong faith but it is not there now. I am not sure I even want to go to church and this bothers me especially with it being Easter weekend and all. I have learned to take things one day at a time so that is a good thing.

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I am not a person of faith, bearsmile (rather an agnostic who grew up in the Roman Catholic Church and has studied many religions), but I believe that people of faith would remind you that when your faith is tested that is when you need to be strongest in your faith. Assuming you are Christian, Jewish, or Islamic, remember the stories of Job and Abraham, each of whom was tested harshly by their God, each in his own way, and each of whom persevered through a powerful faith.

If you are Christian, remember that your savior Jesus Christ was also tempted by Satan but resisted the temptation.

Can't believe I am the one uttering those words, nor the following, which is to say that I am disappointed in your pastor as you must be. Perhaps it is time for you to get a 'second opinion' in that regard.

In any event, I am of the opinion that caregivers have the harder of the two jobs, survivor/caregiver, and I wish you, and the fortunate one you are caring for, the very best.

Take care,


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Each faith brings a unique perspective.

Good Friday is a serious time for us as Christians, Bearsmile, followed by the joy of Easter morning. I point this out because this time of year is our most holy and, so, our most poignant. All feelings are likely to be more tender because of this.

My faith teaches that your strong faith is still there even if you don't feel it. We are human and will have times of fear, anxiety and doubt. Our faith carries us through these times, however tremulously.

Because God made us creatures of free will, we as individuals and certainly past generations have made decisions that impact our bodies and our health. Sometimes, cancer is the result.

Cancer is not a thing of God: it is a result of choices made for millenia, on a a grand scale, and perhaps within a person's lifetime, on a smaller scale. In many cases, it has an unknown origin.

God is with you, Bearsmile. He is with your loved one. He never leaves.

I agree with Joe: if your pastor is not equipped to help you during this time, find another minister, a support group or a trusted friend Christian friend with this type of life experience.

You are not the first to feel this way and you won't be the last.


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Not all people know how to reach out to others who are hurting and dealing with sickness in their life especially something like Cancer. Most Pastors are ignorant when it comes to something this, just not knowing what to do or what to say so don’t feel alone. The best way I found is to find someone in your congregation who will be supportive in helping you deal with the day to day needs that you as a caregiver have. We all need help at times and we all need each other, I hope you find that someone who will be a caregiver to you while you are a caregiver to someone else.

I pray that your Faith will once again be strong and that God will lead someone in your life to give you support.

God bless and be with you.
Elder Tim "Hondo"

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Perhaps if the Pastor is unreachable (for whatever reasons), you can certainly look for guidance in your faith through His Word and others around you. This is a good place. I believe in God and have accepted (with much gratitude) what Jesus has done for me. I also understand that Jesus said He didn't promise a life without pain and suffering. However,I can tell you, when I was diagnosed I just went on automatic pilot with my faith. I questioned why I got sick, I struggled with sometimes finding the words to pray. But through it all, I know God knew my heart and He loves me for me and He wasn't going to leave me. During that time I relied on family & friends praying for me. That was a great comfort. Many times, especially when I was first diagnosed and before surgeries, I would be laying in my bed until the wee hours of the morning, exhausted from crying, and in that dark still silence, I FELT He was there and I wasn't alone.

Know that you're being prayed for.


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When I was dx with cancer I felt like I was at a cross road. Either I was going to trust God fully or I was going to let go. I decided to trust Him fully. Make your decision then commit to it.

Please don't be offended, but you reached out to the wrong person. Reach out to God, He is the only one who can get you thru all you have to go thru. It's nice to have others there for support, for encouragement, but only God has the answers. Only He and He alone is your source.

God is the source, the church is the encouragers to lead you to the source-- God.

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what if someone doesn't have a clue who God is? I guess they are lost in the wind. It sounds as though pastprs/ministers/priests and churches/temples/ etc., are somewhat useless (which I've always suspected) and now you have confirmed.

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Maybe that's not the spiritual path they should be on?
Not everyone believes in God nor do they have to.
There are other deities out there as well as other beliefs or no beliefs...

I think what matters is that one finds what helps them...

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There are many different paths and beliefs out there and anyone can be taking depending on what someone is looking for. But there is only one God or deity who claims to be the Creator God who made the Heavens and the Earth, no other god or religion claims this except the Lord God. I think if I am going to worship something I would rather worship the one who claims he made it all.


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Deleted by user.

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Posts: 4805
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There are other spiritual paths besides Christianity. It could be that it's not for you,
Many people follow other paths and their needs are fulfilled just the same.
It could be that there's a path out there that has more of what you are looking for?

I realize that the CSN Site is predominately Christian, but that doesn't mean there aren't
equally true paths that one can follow and find what they may be searching for.
Wouldn't it be better to find one that suits YOU than to follow something you're not comfortable
with or is not giving you what you seek?
Just a thought...

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Hello !
New to this site, kinda zooming around exploring...faith being tested ? Darn good question, but why do we all assume it's our faith (whatever it is) that's being tested. I think that WE are being tested....meaning how to handle all the issues of living with life and how well we relate to our loved ones. You don't have to belong to organized religion to treat people with love, compassion, and to offer our strenghth to the loved ones that need us. My Father struggled with these issues and blamed God towards the end of Mom's life. All it did was alienate him from the people he loved and who were hurting too. My opinion is to always believe in yourself...believe it or not we are stronger than we think. What other option do we have, we are born...we live life to the best of our ability....and we all die. Is this God's fault ? Way to deep for anyone to answer. Darn good question for when we get to that transition. I still talk to God every morning, and see him everywhere....I hope everyone else does too ! Katie

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Trusting God has gotten me threw so much! On March 7th I became a survivor of Gallbladder for ONE YEAR! Praise be to God! My family has been threw so much in the past year. My husband is near the end of all he can take. Today I asked myself, why have I been fighting so hard when it's seems clear that I am making people miserable? I think that I am going to stop the chemo(I have gone threw 9 cycles of Gemzar/cisplatin and the 11 cycles of folfox with a pump for 42 hours), it seems like enough fighting when the cancer is still growing and two more tumors have developed. I just wonder what God would think if I do decide to discontinue treatment?  

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It is hard to understand the why me and what did I do to deserve having NPC Cancer in the head three times. I question why God is letting me live when it seams like all I do is to get in the way. I am always in pain some place in my body. I am no longer able to swallow or to eat anything, now it is through my peg tube. But even with all this I find life is still better then the alternative, I find fun in being with my grandkids, I still like fishing, and working on things in my shop. There are all kinds of reasons I want to keep living. I know I am in the way a lot and my caretaker is always on her toes having to do stuff for me. When I was going through treatment the second time it was a big strain on her but she pulling us both through it.


Right now it is hard for you to see passed the darkness of your treatment, but there is light on the other side of the tunnel so hang in there and don’t give-up. Keep your faith strong and rely fully on God. When my NPC came back a 3rd time I was told I had less then a 5% chance of surviving a year, that was 7 years ago, I am still here. Yes I still live in pain and still have a lot of problems. But I am still here and I am still working everyday full time and loving it. If you need to talk give me a call or send me an e-mail but what ever you do don’t give-up my friend


Tim Hondo

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