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Bombs dropping by the day! (hopefully someone can relate)

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6 months ago i had an ultrasound that revealed a couple kidney stones
And a couple cysts one of which looked "suspect" and the urologist just wanted to watch it
And do a follow up ultrasound in 6 months. (which was last week)

The 2nd ultrasound revealed that the "suspect" cyst had grown (don't know the size, but believe it to be small)
And was told not to worry the Dr. Ordered a contrasting CT scan and said that would tell him everything.

The dr. Called me yesterday and said the cyst needs to be removed, and I had to make an appt. to come into
The office to discuss the "options" and he was going to "see" the results for himself and talk to the radiologist.

So I schedule an appt. for next Thursday.......

This morning he calls again and says there are "multiple"
Cysts and I need to have a contrasting MRI ASAP. (before my appt)

What could be happening here???
My Dr. Is very vague and won't Get into much detail on the phone
Other than telling me not to worry?

I'm not afraid of surgery, and am a generally healthy 46 y.o.
However I am a little worried as i don't have family near by and will have to take care of myself after surgery.
(does anyone who has gone thru this surgery think this will be a problem?)

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Diagnosing Kidney Cancer is usually guesses and hunches until the CT with contrast. . Calling it a cyst instead of a tumor uuually means they are talking about something small or are afraid to use the C word. Kidney Cancer involving tumors under 4 cm are usually cured 100% by surgery. If the Dr, you are referring to is a GP or Urologist not specializing in Kidney Cancer he himself is uncertain and is asking other doctors for advise. Get the tests. Get your x ray and test reports. Talk to the doctor. If it is Kidney Cancer you will be referred to a specilist who does Kidney Cancer surgery who will be able to answer your questions. The Kidney Cancer Surgery is no fun and most of us on this board have had the surgery. Mine was almost 10 years ago. Lets not talk about the recovery until your diagnosis is certain, not that it will be a reak problem for you.


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He is the head of urology at a rather large local hospital, and he
Would be doing the surgery (or at least thinks he is)

I think he consulted with the radiologist who possibly discovered
Other cysts or problems. It's my understanding a positive cancer diagnosis can only be made
After it is removed. Why would he now "need" a MRI?

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Had the CT scan last Friday, then he called yesterday saying it had to be removed

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Usually they do not tell you you need the surgery unless the tumor appears to be Cancer or is a cyst that has a chance of becoming Cancer. Rather than speculate get the additional test requested by he doctor and meet with the doctor as our opinions on this board are not a substitute for the doctor's opinion who has all the results in front of him. Although there is no certainty that it is Cancer many tumors such as clear cell carcinoma turn out to be Cancer 90% of the time while certain cycts have a much lower percent of being Cancer when they are small.


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I just received my pre and post op information yesterday. Mine said you must have someone with you 24-48 hours after you come home.

Maybe if there is no one nearby they can keep you an extra day in the hospital.

So sorry to hear what you are going through. I know, it is that waiting and not knowing that gets you.

Happy Easter!

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I am a 53 year old woman. I had my operation on Tuesday April 3. I was home on Wednesday April 4. As far as my vitals are concerned, my blood pressure is excellent, as well as heart rate, etc. Blood work was 'perfect' according to the doctor. I am overweight by 30 lbs. and have had some bad habits leading up to the operation, but I did just fine. As far as being alone, I have been home alone all day, I have had to get out of bed at night by myself to use the restroom. I had taken care of myself during the day. My sister lives just four blocks from me and the only thing she has done is come over and walk the dog the first two days. On day 4 (Fri), I walked the dog myself. You are on the right website to get help. Do you see the links on the left? Click on them to find help at home during recovery. I would not have come home the next day if I was alone. I would have stayed 3 days to get over the majority of the pain and any possible side effects. I would have stayed because someone will help you get out of bed to use the restroom, someone will cook for you, and someone will help you get washed up. Your meds will be on schedule. I couldn't sleep at the hospital - it was too noisy and they kept checking my vitals and I wanted to sleep - so there is a trade-off. It depends a lot on the type of surgery they will be doing - once you find that out, then you can make better decisions. (Will is be open or laproscopic? Total vs. partial nephrectomy? etc.) So just wait and see what they have to say first, then go from there.

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Thanks for the info. I can handle pain pretty well,
So as long as moving around will not cause additional
damage or complications I'm sure I'll be able to handle it.

Just received the CT report in the mail. It appears
The cyst is "at least a bosniak 3" category
And the other couple cysts are simple and smaller.

However, they discovered an adrenanal adenoma
On the opposite side adrenal gland along with
A 1.2cm stone in that kidney. The handwritten note from my doctor
Also indicated trace blood in my urine and a folllow- up apt.
To discuss the results (which is thursday)

I have the MRI tomorrow! All this is moving really fast, I've hardly
Had time to think about any of this....

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