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doctor guess?

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can a doctor tell if you have cancer just by looking at your uterus?

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some can see signs of POSSIBLE cancer, such as lumps, polops, adheation scars that the tissue seems discolored, swollen, ect. It takes a tissue sample under a scope to see the cells and what kind of cancer. My mother was told she had several tumors that looked like tumors of cancer. After the hysterectomy they all came back clear. She is a 26 year breast cancer surviver that had nothing to do with the tumors in her uterus. Hope this helps. Best, debrajo

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How is the doctor looking at your uterus? CT scan? Uterine cancer can be invasive but so can benign tumors.

Radiologists usually say "suspicious of malignancy" when they see a mass on the CT scan, unless you already have a known history of cancer. Only a biopsy & pathology report will be accurate for diagnosing cancer (and sometimes that is questionable if the tissue is borderline cancerous).

If your doctor has a strong suspicion from looking at a CT scan that you have cancer, the next step is to do a biopsy. The problem with a biopsy is that it can spread the cancer cells into your pelvic cavity. So if you are being told that you need a hysterectomy, the doctor probably has a good reason for his recommendation.

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my mom has been bleeding for past 2 years. everytime she went to the doctors they would tell her its cuz of menopause. the doctors checked her uterus by feeling to see if there was any infection in there. no infection found.

she then went to another doc to see why she was bleeding and loosing weight. that gyne checked her and said that the wall of her uterus was thick and said that it could've been due to early stage cancer. endometrial biopsy was done and her results came out to be:


her open surgery is april 9 but they are going to admit her in on the 8th cuz she's low on blood. please pray for my mom and that she beats her cancer. i really do hope that it hasnt spread much. what do you guys think? do you think her past bleeding was due to menopause and she developed her cancer now?

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she doesnt feel any pain... she just feels tired and weak

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