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Don Reed surgery went well

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Don's surgery went very well Thursday. I apologize to not post here earlier. Short nights and long days - you all know that feeling. This is only post-op day 2 and already you can see such a big difference - he gets stronger by the hours. They are intending to pull the nasogastric line in the morning and I think he will want to dance for joy for that. God he hates that thing - he says it really makes his throat sore.

The surgeon requested that Don walk at least 3 miles per day from the day of diagnosis and at our pre-op tests visit day, he gave Don a spirometer to work with - 6 breaths at 5 times throughout the day for a total of 30 breaths daily. Don did at least that and I think that really did help strengthen him up for this big surgery.

I could not believe the rush of love I felt for Don when I saw him in recovery - he truly is my hero. Yes, of course he is in a lot of pain, but I reminded him that at least his pain is from the removal of the cancer - not the cause of the cancer as is the case with some of our friends on this site. I wish that could be said for everyone with esophageal cancer. There is certainly a difference if you know the pain will go away.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, your encouragement, your phone calls and emails - it means so very much to us and thank you just doesn't quite cover our feelings to each of you.

We are also mindful of the losses we have suffered from the deaths of our friends on this site - though a cure was not to be - the information each person that has passed away from this ugly cancer gave to their doctors and nurses is most certainly benefiting someone else and we are extremely thankful for their contributions and the contributions of their caregivers. Cancer pioneers are special veterans and we need to set aside a day to honor them - truly.

This journey has been so much easier for us to endure thanks to each of you and tonight I pause to ask God to give a special blessing to each of you.

I will update more later this week - we are told we should have the pathology tests back about the time he will go home - but for now - one day at a time is fine with me.

Thank you and love to all,
Judy & Don

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I'm so glad all is going so well! Thanks for the update!

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We so love the support you provide to us even as you have had so much to deal with yourself. Hope all is still going well for you guys!


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I am so damn glad to see another success story! Sounds like Don's having a relatively "easy" time of it. Really happy to hear that the nose tube could be pulled tomorrow. Nick hated that thing as well.

Thanks for the update. Continued love and prayers directed to you and Don!

Hugs to you both,


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Thank you for posting an update. Its not easy during those hospital days. We are all glad to hear Don is doing well. Get some rest yourself and takecare as Don will be home soon, cancer free.

Lee Ann

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Wonderful words, Loretta! I agree with them all.

Nick and I have found new appreciation for each day, our "littles" and our marriage. There is a special something now that I doubt we would have discovered on our own without this unwanted "wake up call". So while EC is unwanted and unasked for, I'm grateful for the new eyes and patience I gained from our experience.

Love and hugs,


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You sure did sum that all up perfectly! I will keep the promise to not yell at him to myself - because we have the same nagigator issues - Don said he doesn't need the gps navigator because he already has a nag-a-gator (me LOL!) After this many years together, I have learned that even a ride to the grocery store will likely lead to a wrong turn if Don is driving - we just go with the flow on that anymore. I don't get all upset about it - but it ticks him off - I just look at it - sometimes you see the neatest things when you take a wrong turn.

I'm sure before long something will pop up that we will need to 'discuss' - but you and Terry are right - God put in a little something extra when He decided we could handle the cancer diagnosis. We do have an awesome God who always has the answers - even if we didn't know there was question.

Thank you both so much - you are lovely friends!


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Hi Judy and Don,
I just wanted to say that I am praying for great news for you when your results come through.
Rob had his surgery on 29th Feb and on Friday the news was as good as it gets. I really
hope that it is the same for you.
God bless you both.
Prayers and hugs,

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Congratulations and may NED be the only cancer related words you ever hear again! I trust in you sleeping on the chemo or not second opinion decision you will need to make and I know whatever decision you and Rob come to - will be right for you. Enjoy the good diagnosis you have now and we'll be praying that all those to come will be just as good.
Go enjoy those grandbabies!

Judy & Don

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Oh honey, this is such wonderful news. Every day will be better and better. You hang in and be sure to breathe.... in.... out... in...


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So glad don's surgery went well and it's behind you.I thank God for the ones on here that have been diagnosed early enough for surgery. There are way to few.
My prayers are with you both,

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I wrote to you on FB but the good news bears cheering on both sites. So happy that Don has made it through surgery and that you are both on the other side of this EC challenge. You two are so strong together and each day Don will feel better. So wonderful to see each tube removed- I remember that well. Take care of yourself too as those first weeks back home are exhausting.



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it is great to hear (and see the photo on face book) that Don is doing so well! I'm very happy for both of you. Ive been praying for the surgery and recovery. I'm so glad that you found such a talented surgeon that knew the importance of being in the best possible shape going into surgery. I believe it makes all the difference in how well you come through the surgery and the recovery. If Don gets bored in the hospital pick him up a radio controlled helicopter. A friend got me one and it gave me hours of entertainment. It's just such a relief to know how well Don is doing. Tell him to keep up the good work and remind him that the harder he works (within the Doc's parameters) the better he will recover. I hope to see a photo of him on his Harley in about three months.


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I think of you both often and was so glad to see this post.

The best thing that we did for dad was write things down, temperature, what he ate, drank, times he slept, meds he took, reactions after. In hindsight, we could see something was going on with the blockage and the Boost intolerance, but we didn't know it then. The things you learn the hard way!

I know Don is strong and with the great attitude he will do WONDERS!

With Love and Prayers,
Beth :)
Daughter of Roy

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