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** UPDATE** Nipple surgery today, 3/7 .. It's been a long wait -- 15 months!!!

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I am still recovering from a cold, but Plastic Surgeon agreed to proceed with my surgery, yesterday. I've been using my 'bong' clear apparatus several times each hour to
keep my lungs .. clear.

Surgery took a little over 2 hours -- Doctor Turpin stated all went well -- however,
the 'true' test comes tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. when my Madonna cone like tents come off.
Doctor Turpin stated that within 24 hours -- my new nipples will either flourish, or they die -- 50/50 odds.

I am thrilled to have finally made it to this milestone in my journey, sadden by
the fact that I missed Saturday's Luncheon with Claudia, and my fellow Sisters
in Pink (New Flower, Victoria and Bella Luna) that have held my hand during my many multiple surgeries, kidney stone adventures, and my husband's eye surgeries.

It has been a wild 2 years -- plus!

Keeping my fingers, and toes crossed.

Vicki Sam


** 3/8
slitter-ed my way to my 1:30 post - OP appointment -- tired, sore and in pain -- My
husband was being ever so supportive, as I was moaning and groaning about how much
pain I was in --

Once in the exam room, I was asked to lay on my back -- as RN pulled off my pointy
Madonna cones - adhered to my breast and skin with ..tape. I watched intensely as
RN washed and cleaned my nipples -- afraid to lift my head up to see them -- I waited
until Doctor Turpin entered my room. As I watched his face, I notice a smile and
a look of contentment == only then, did I take a look at my newly created nipples. -- My emotion took over, and I started to cry tears of joy. Doctor Turpin give me a gentle hug, as my Husband held my hand.

I am now under house arrest for 3 weeks, Staph infection antibiotics (as a precaution), and can not wear a bra for 3 weeks --. My left breast was lifted during Wednesday's surgery, Doctor Turpin didn't like the way it laid == so he modified my left breast, while generating my nipples -- hence, the reason he stated my surgery ran a little longer
than 2 hours. I love Doctor Turpin, he is a perfectionist == and he insists that 'we'
breast cancer women, have the right to look our very 'best'!!!

The stitches that surround my ' new ' nipples come out next Thursday -- !!!

Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers .. and FRIENDSHIP ..


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congrats on getting here finally. best wishes for great results and quick recovery

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What a milestone!!! YAY!!! I'm sending prayers your way that all goes well tomorrow. I'm anxious to hear about your surgery. After my reconstruction next month, that's my next step. You're a trooper!!! Keep us posted on how you're doing.


{{{Big Hugs}}}
Mitzi ;0)

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between the "bong" and "madonna"....I am so glad you came thru today and hope that it is a 100% success!!

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Bella Luna
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VickiSam it has been a challenging past two years for you and your family. It wasn't easy but you and yours made it to the other side. I will pray you have a speedy and uneventful recovery. Hugs to you dear one.

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I hope the florish for you. You have been through a lot and deserve the best.


New Flower
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wishing you success and quick healing.Great accomplishment, hoping for the best.

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Jean 0609
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Glad you finally got to get your nips done! Hope they flourish!!!! Mine was 15 months ago and still flourishing!


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Fingers and toes crossed here that all continues to go well!


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Vicki, I always LOVE your sense of humor. Hope the nips are doing well and you can put that part behind you, as well. Take care and update on your progress. (((Hugs))) (gentle, of course) and love.


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You are a hoot, Vicki. I love the visual of the "Madonna cones"! Next report from you: lovely, healthy nippies.

Hugs, Renee

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Now, Debbie, just what are you picturing when you say "put that part behind you"? The visual in my head is pretty weird:)

Come on, Vicki, we want nipple news. Check in when you can.


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Hope all went well and it was a success!



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Congratulations on this awesome milestone Vicki!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that your new nipples are flourishing.



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Congratulations Vicki for the new nips. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts so that they may flourish and I hope you are doing well and not in too much pain.
You deserve the very best, my friend, and you know I'm here cheering for you!

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Congratulations Vicki for the new nips. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts so that they may flourish and I hope you are doing well and not in too much pain.
You deserve the very best, my friend, and you know I'm here cheering for you!

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jo jo
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Im so happy for you girl! I just popped in and seen this. Im happy your created nips are standing at attention once again.
Gentle hugs to you girl!

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I know so many of us WARRIORS -- get nausea at the site of anything pink -- as it has
become our theme color for so long .. but, in this case == I am happy to see pink.

No bra's -- so large tee-shirts is what I am sporting around. I am also sporting
smaller gauze tents with tape on each nipple -- as added protection.

I am feeling better, and stronger each day. Still using my 'bong' -- to keep
my lungs clear --

Its all good -- just trying to keep myself busy == as I am ready to run, shop,
and play... but, I can't. So I will try to read, cook and bake.

Gentle hugs --- to all of you!

Vicki Sam

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Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I am so very happy for you to have the surgery successful.

Enjoy the time when you have a great excuse to not run errands, clean and etc. Just put your feet up and take pleasure in the moment.



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happy for you ... congrats ... enjoy your new "look"

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on it working so well. Was hoping it would work, it just kind of completes the whole process. Wish you the best in your 3 week 'house arrest'.


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