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Revlimid, Dexamethasone, confusion

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I am a new member here. My mother has had multiple myeloma for 24 years. She has a plasmacytoma in her spine since 2009 that has reoccured twice. She was on Velcade up until now, and she has just completed her first cycle (21 days) of Revlimid.

Over the last few days I have sensed she is not quite herself, and she went to emergency yesterday because she began to get completely loopy and out of it and saying weird things. The emergency doctor said her sodium was low, and the dexamethasone she is taking that accompanies the Revlimid wasn't helping the loopiness and confusion.

Has anyone else had this experience with Revlimid/dexa combo?

thanks for any help,

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Taya, Hope your mom is well. My father is on revlimid for bone marrow plasma cancer. He was one his first cycle for about 2 weeks when the confusion started. It got to the point where he was delusional and had to be admitted to the ER. He was taken off revlimid and the confusion subsided after 4-5 days. After consulting with his doctors the decision was made to continue with a second dose of revlimid as they thought the high dose of steroids caused the confusion. After about two weeks he became delusional again. It was more severe this time, he was admitted to the ER again and sent home after a few days. All his blood levels are good, and there are no signs of alheizmers or dementia. He is still delusional after being off revlimid for 3 weeks. I was hoping you had some info as his doctors don't seem to know, they claim its not common for the revlimid to cause confusion. The only reason he agreed to go back on the revlimid was because he came back to normal after he came off the meds. He hasn't come back to normal this time and he knows that his thoughts are crazy. Have you had any luck finding out any information on the cause of the confusion?

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