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What items make you feel better?

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Hi, I'm a cancer survivor who is working to help other patients/survivors.

Thinking about your treatments and side effects, physically, mentally, etc.

What type of items could someone give you to help make you more comfortable.

Example: I had dry mouth and nausea - fruit flavored hard candy helped. Reading helped me pass the time during chemo and transfusions.

Your feedback is appreciated. No idea is too small to list.

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I had a problem with constipation from the Vincristine in my chemo. I took one Senokot tablet every night after eating diner and had no more problems. I also suggest Soothe eye drops for dry eyes caused from chemo. Every tip helps. Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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I diluted cranberry juice in a half gallon jug every day so I would know exactly how much I drank. The cranberry juice even though it was a very small amount made it better then drinking plain water. I had Ensure on hand in case I didn't want to eat. Someone brought me these wonderful ginger snaps in csse I felt a little sick. They were so good I ate them when I felt great also:) I watched only happy things on tv, and prayed. I put prayed last but it was the most important. I also read a fabulous book everyday called EVERYDAY STRENGTH By Randy Beecton. We give them to all people in the Hope Cancer group.

miss maggie
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Dear Joanie,

I now see and understand how well you are doing. You really were prepared for whatever
came your way. All your suggestions I will make note, in case things should change
for me. I am sure others too, will be helped by all your suggestions.

Continued health and happiness. Love Maggie

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Thanks Maggie, I think we all have things that we feel helped. I am now trying to eat sugar once a week. That does not include the fruit I eat daily which is a lot. I found out two apples a day is as good as taking those terrible statins. I try to stay clear of meat that is not organic. I really have to put exercise back on the agenda. I don't feel like going to the gym after teaching all day. But I am going to do it. My husband is redoing our landscaping and he feels great now with all the exercise he is getting. i am so truly thankful for every day. Stay healthy. Love Joanie

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