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My name is Karen and I've been part of this discussion board since August 2011. I formally joined yesterday to thank you all for what you've shared with the ACS community and the world at large. Your forum discussions often pop up on internet searches for information about dealing with uterine cancer.

I am incredibly grateful for the support these forums have provided. I imagine there are other women and supporters who also lurk but are equally grateful for the invaluable experiences and advice you all have shared.

I leave you for now with a quote that could not be more true of this group, "Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has (Margaret Mead)."

aka Fearless Honey Badger

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You are lovely in your thoughts. I feel as though you are new to the neighborhood and we should as we did when I was a girl, come a calling and offer cake as a welcome, were we of mind to eat cake.

Pleasure to meet you.


So, what are your thoughts on cancer treatment? prevention? long term survival strategies, etc. Just if you look at it, cancer, as a problem to solve. I had just been mentioning to another Karen here about how often it is an idea of another that begins to complete the puzzle and bring an ah ha moment, filling in a missing piece and making the entire picture clearer.

Any and all thoughts and conjectures are welcome.


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As a welcome from me, you are likely to get kale stew; but I would offer it warmly and with the hope that the meal would be healthful and comforting. I love that you picked the Honey Badger as your profile name and picture. I've watched the Youtube videos, and the Honey Badger is brave, determined, and self-regarding--all qualities that can help in this challenge.

My role on this board is to explore complementary dietary approaches to fighting this disease. Claudia got me started thinking about how certain foods have an antiangiogenic (Claudia? Is this the right word?) effect, so I am now very conscious of what I eat.

I'm very interested in learning more about your challenges and successes.


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for your warm thoughts. I continue to be amazed at the thoughtfulness, kindness, and generosity of the women and supporters of these boards.

Jill: Kale stew sounds amazing. I thought I wasn't a fan of kale (though I love spinach and other dark greens) until I tried baked kale (chips) recently (sprinkled with a bit of fresh grated parmesan). Yum!

Claudia: All week your questions have been sitting in the back of my head and I think about them in quiet moments. I realized that for all of the research I've done on gynecologic cancers, treatments, therapies, and the like I'm not entirely sure *how* I feel about the three main issues you asked about (treatment, prevention, long term survival strategies).

Going into the process last year without much information other than slash and burn as the gold standard left me wondering what else is out there for treating and managing cancer. I am convinced of the power of foods and supplements to create an inhospitable environment for future cancer growth or development but this is tempered with the case studies of people who recur despite such interventions. I like to think such people bought themselves more time recurrence-free or perhaps just a reduction in symptoms difficult to achieve with standard therapies.

The director who is also the co-PI on numerous GOG trials of the small women's cancer center I go to professes not have the resources to offer anything other than the "standard" methods of treatment. I have been working with my gyn/onc and their staff to help build up these resources. Specifically, I think all of us should have as "standard" treatment, consultations with a knowledgeable nutritionist, comprehensive monitoring beyond RBC/WBC (vitamin levels, hormone levels, etc.), psychosocial monitoring and intervention (when was the last time your gyn/onc asked about your sex life, body image, or day-to-day coping?), etc.

I understand the reluctance of some gyn/onc to integrate "complementary" therapies into their evidence-based medical practice but it seems like our current models of evidence-based cancer treatment could use some updating. The same databases of medical research physicians point to in support of a strictly evidence-based approach house peer-reviewed, rigorous research on some of the very complementary therapies evidence-based physicians scoff at. That seems like a narrow-minded view of current medicine (to me). Indeed, some medical school hospitals and treatment centers have recognized for well over a decade now that there is more to treating cancer than flooding the body with cytotoxic chemicals and radiation.

I do know I feel a bit lost at the moment with the next steps. My cancer is not an "if" for recurrence. It will. When it does, I'm not sure how I want to proceed. I don't dwell on this issue day-to-day but I do want an action plan in place.


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Welcome to our "family". This is a great place for information, encouragement, and support.

You are very young!! I think you have an amazingly positive attitude. I wish you well with the trial. Please keep us posted on your progress.

What are your practitioners telling you about supplements or foods during treatment? Are you tolerating treatment okay?

I'm 3+ years into this and dealing with 2nd recurrence of UPSC.

wishing you all the best. Mary Ann

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that's going on here on your part. I had read your response before but life came a calling and I hadn't realized I had not gotten back to you.

The thing that keeps hanging in my brain saying look at me, is your certainty that your cancer will recur. Why do you say that?

I have noticed that food based therapies that fail often have a cancer friendly component that the person may not even be aware that they are doing. Say a vegetarian who is unaware of the way they are supporting their cancer by eating lots of whole grains, which are acid forming and thus cancer feeding. I was one of those, thinking I was the cat's meow in my eating what with all the healthful brown rice, , I was consuming. My cancer just kept on using that acid as a base to multiply. Or when someone who is drinking copious quantities of green tea, which is such a great opponent of cancer's, is failing to thrive, and then finding out that that person is letting steep overnight, at which point the quantity is a moot point as the EGCG has long gone. It is so important to see the whole picture, which I have yet to get, but as pieces fall into place the picture becomes clearer and clearer.

If you get a chance, watch two dvd's. The first is Healing Cancer from the Inside Out. It's just an interesting piece on the background of treatment and how results are read, the options that are and are not made available. Read what you want into it and the other is Crazy Sexy Cancer. Kris Carr )0))(it's dark in here cause I"m typing in a room where someone is sleeping a very different keyboard and feel is just not working for me_ She has such a zest for life and positive attitude in the face of such awful news. It took me a long time to find the final piece of the wheat grass puzzle, and why her veggie treatments were so successful. Changing your mind set to--How can I make sure my cancer doesn't recur--really makes you work like a son of a gun to find everything out you can. Keeps you and your immune system reved up too. A positive feeling of empowerment is gotten when you just know if you keep on looking for answers, figuring out which questions you need to ask, continually knowing that you will find an answer seems to put your body in a whole other mind set. Don't let your brain think you are accepting the recurring as an inevitable. If you do, it will work against you in the long,to try to figure out how you can reach that goal. Make your goal positive and your subconscious will work on finding that solution.
At least that's my take on things. Take it or leave it. At least it's out there. These are the things I have found worked for me. I was always revved up and looking for what would get me out of this mess.

This year my focus will change. I will be looking into repairing my liver and getting both spleen and liver to a non enlarged size. seems like those things are more pressing than the cancer right now. I never thought I would be able to say that so soon.

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