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Developing Symptoms

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My ex husband was diagnosed with stage iv cancer in July. They gave him 3 rounds of chemo 3 weeks apart. The cancer had metastasized to his liver at that time. In December he went overseas and planned to be back this week. He called me last week and said his back hurt all the time and the meds didnt help. Today he called saying he was very sick, his back was so very painful and his legs were in pain now and he is in bed and cannot get up hardly and if he does get up he cannot walk except bent almost in half. He is unable to get on a plane to come home at this point and hopes if he gets a little better he could make the trip home. Does anyone know what these symptoms mean?

Thanks for any advice,

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It could be a side effect from the chemo. My husband has had some that didn't come till much later. Also this could be a sign that things are growing and his body isn't working right. To be sure he really needs to see a Dr and get some blood work done, also I hope that he can get strong enough to come back home. I really will pray for him to get well enough to come back. Please tell him to get into someone and get some blood work done. There is obviously something going on. My husbands EC has spread to his liver, and that has caused a lot of pain in his side and back. He also has it in his lungs as well. Hang in there and pray.

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Thank you for your response and prayers. His last chemo treatment was in mid November. I would think a side effect would have shown itself sooner but I am totally lost. I have read everything I can possibly find about this disease but none of it answers many questions past the basics of the cancer. Spoke with him today and he is no better and not well enough to walk very far or travel. I think he had not allowed himself to accept how serious his condition could get because up until now he only had issues swallowing.

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I am a caregiver to Jack who is stage iv and has completed now his second round of chemo with radiation. Everyone has different side effects from the treatment, but this last time Jack had severe pain in his legs. They thought it might have to do with low calcium and magnesium levels. Also, being dehydrated can easily cause problems for the body. Can they check him out and get him well enough to come back?

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Thank you Jane. His last chemo treatment was mid November. Do you think it would take this long to feel side effects? He had not seen a Dr. overseas until 2 days ago. It was a general md who paid a house call. This Dr. said he did not know if it was the cancer or just a swollen leg because he may have hurt his back. What a joke. The Dr. gave him pain meds but I spoke with Sam (my ex) today and the pain meds have not helped at all.

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Hi Becky

I don't think I can give you words of encouragement but hope I'm wrong. But my husband Alan's cancer metastasised into his liver. He started with a pain one side of his back, at that point we didn't even know about his liver. If your ex-husband improves enough to fly I would just suggest that he comes home.

Best wishes Ann
Wife of Alan.

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Sometimes knowing what to expect, what the symptoms mean for different individuals and knowing that others care enough to share their experiences, good or bad is encouragement and I appreciate you and everyone here caring enough to share. I have never posted in a forum and am overwhelmed with all the empathy I see when I read these postings. It's encouagement just knowing your out there Ann. Thank you!


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Sorry to hear about your situation i hope he gained enough strength to get home.

My mom has some spots behind her belly which are most likely lymph nodes, but the biopsy results should be in the next few days. She has abdominal pain that radiates to her back.

Did your ex husband get home? How has his pain been and has he seen a doc? Thanks for the update.

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