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MMMT survivors-1975goatgirl-no longer posts

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Hello fellow survivors: I have been trying for the longest time to get in touch with 1975goatgirl but to no avail. So I just thought that I would let everyone know that she no longer posts. I hope she is well. Best of health to all. June

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I wonder when people disappear. Have they found another supportive site, are they doing so well and dancing with NED, or........?

I choose to see these ladies having the very best time with love, joy and contentment.

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I too get worried when folks seem to drop off without word. I found an email address for her and sent her an email. Let's see if she responds :)


p.s. You can run but not hide from us "sisters"..

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I wonder if 1975 Goatgirl was BORN in 1975; that would make her a mere 37 years old now, wouldn't it? Is it possible that she contracted uterine cancer at so young an age? Alas, I hope she's OK...

Likewise miss hearing from the beautiful UpSoFloating who had already survived several recurrences ... does anyone know if she is OK?


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Rosey - Annie (UpSoFloating) is still posting. Annie just changed her Board name to Snowbird_11.

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Posts: 413
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We seem to be forming our own detective agency...LOL


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You're so cute. I just adore your detective spirit. I too, enjoy a good job of detecting.

Love ya,


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Hi Rosey

Thanks for asking about me ... when I started a new decade of my life I decided to change my moniker as well. I had just taken the giant birds of paradise photo in my yard and they looked just like birds of feather having a 'henfest'! I came down here many years ago from the lands of the ice and snow. Just decided to go with the theme ;-)

Always enjoy reading your posts!

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Just great to know you're still thriving. And I love your new moniker--but will miss the photo of your lovely smiling face. (i have no idea how to post a photo online, so out of touch am I with our new technology!)\

Hope you are doing well; stay in touch with us once in a while if you can!


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Hey, Sweetie. So how to post a photo here. Above, directly to the left of the Members on line box, you will see Click here to update your About Me Page. Click. Choose edit. Choose photo or picture. Then Browse in your computer for a suitable photo. It needs to be very small. I use Photoshop Elements to make mine small enough by choosing-Save for Web. You may have some similar program or maybe someone else on here could offer their knowledge on how to make a photo small enough. Generally, I will temporarily move whatever I plan on putting in the About Me Page onto the Desktop to make it easier to locate



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Wow you're like a new face on the site...great! I'm as well a survivor of MMMT. I did read your profile, but wondering if you're still NED? Always uplifting to read of others with the same cancer who are doing well.

BTW love your theme...mine is always about fun in the sun and beaches....I feel so good when in a warm, sunny climate...


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I had full hysterectomy in November and have had no radiation or Chemo - from what I've read I might just as well not! I feel fit as a fiddle - even though I had breast cancer and a mastectomy in March last year. The two cancers are unrelated - fortunately. I am in London, England. Hope our doctors and oncs know as much as those in the USA - they should do - they can all read and write! No-one seems to be able to agree on the likelihood of recurrence of the Carcinosarcoma/MMMT. So why should I put myself through the trauma of Chemo and radiation, with probable lasting ill effects when there may be no need, or possibly no effect on the likelihood of prolonging my life. Any views? Joan

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What stage are you?


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