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Vitamin C IV therapy - Kansas Medical Center study - Has anyone tried this?

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Hi all,

Has anyone tried Vitamin C IV therapy with good results? If so, where/how did you receive it? Did insurance cover it?

Thoughts or comments?

Thanks in advance!

YouTube news coverage (there are many other stories)

Other studies:

The University of Kansas Medical Center has a gynecologic cancer and antioxidant study underway headed by Dr. Drisko.

Promising Research on Vitamin C Combined with Vitamin K3

Cancer cell killing: The anticancer effects of sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) and 2-methyl-1,4-naphthoquinone (vitamin K3) administered separately or in combination on human ovarian, breast, endometrial and skin cancer cells lines has been demostrated. When given separately, vitamin C or K3 has a growth inhibiting action only at high concentrations but when combined into a single mixture administration of both vitamins demonstrated a synergistic inhibition of cell growth at 10 to 50 times lower concentrations. These vitamins are not toxic to normal human cells. The combination of sodium ascorbate and vitamin K3 may also prevent metastasis.

The mechanism is something called autoschizic cell death. Autoschizis, is a novel type of cell death characterized by exaggerated cell membrane damage and progressive loss of cell contents. During this process, the nucleus becomes smaller, cell size decreases one-half to one-third of its original size. Co-administration of sodium ascorbate and K3 induces a cell cycle block on cancer cells making it harder for them to grow and divide. This is called a G1/S block. The intravenous vitamin cocktail containing sodium ascorbate and vitamin K3 diminishes cancer cell DNA synthesis, increases H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) production, and decreases cancer cell intracellular antioxidant defenses.

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Is this Apatone?  Ive read about this and it is vit c and k3 that if given by iv before chemo can help sensitize the tumor cells to the chemo by oxidative stress.  Sounds good to me.  Not approved for too many cancers.  I think renal.

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Vitamin C is an important element of our healthy food that has a number of benefits to improve the health and get rid of the various diseases.
It is more important to improve the immune system, improve the body growth, make the stronger bones & teeth, and also prevent from the various type of the cancer.

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I had stage IV uterine serous papillary carcinoma almost 3 years ago.  I took oral vitamin C in large doses (3000 mg. a day) to prevent cancer for about 15 years or so before I developed cancer.  It apparently didn't help a bit as I still got it.  I realize this isn't the same as the IV vitamin C you're discussing.  However, I want to warn you that vitamin C causes you to store iron.  Three months after completing chemo, I was still short of breath.  My family doctor checked my blood count and said my hemoglobin wasn't low enough to be causing my shortness of breath.  He decided to check my ferritin level.  It was 962 when it should have been no more than 150.  When I went back to my oncologist (who's also a hematologist) for my three month check-up, he did a genetic test for hemochromatosis.  He found I had one abnormal gene, not the two abnormal genes that usually cause hemochromatosis. He still decided I had hemochromatosis with a cause that has yet to be discovered.  I just want to warn everyone that since hemochromatosis is in a small percentage of the population and most people don't even know they it, they should beware of taking too much vitamin C.  hemochromatosis can actually cause certain types of cancer. It apparently isn't suspected of causing the type of cancer I had, but I had to have an MRI to rule out damage to my organs from the excess iron. Other than a benign-appearing liver cyst, nothing was found on me, thank God!
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Appreciate the tip/info....something to be on the watch for.


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