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Alternative treatments at the same time as IL2

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My brother,37, was just diagnosed with metastasized Melanoma in his left lung. He starts his Il2 treatment on February 6th. I have been doing non-stop research on this since I found out on Sunday. I have come across some very interesting treatment to do at the same time as the Il2.

PectaSol-C to slow down the cancer cells from growing.

Double Helix Water to repair the cells

Protandim for the repair of cells

Has anyone on this site used any of these items?

I am so glad I found this site, Im here if anyone has any questions and I would appreciate any input!

Thank you

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I just found this website and it lists supplements that are very beneficial for those with melanoma, please let me know if anyone has followed this.

Thank you!


Early Stages where it has just started to spread into the body

2 bottles a month PrugX V
2 bottles a month BLA V
2 bottles a month MC² V
3 bottles a month Ronuv V
1 bottle Corvix V
3 bottles Quzu V
3 bottles a month Zeolite Enhanced w/DHQ V
3 bottles a month Zernix I
4 bottles Quantum X I
2 to 3 bottles a month Q ENC I
2 to 3 bottles a month Q ISC I
6 bottles a month Zormus I
1 bottle a month StressDefense QVF I
3 bottles a month OxyDHQ I Note: If your stomach cannot handle an acidic drink, such as orange juice, then it won’t be able to handle OxyDHQ. In this case use it would be best not to use the OxyDHQ
1 bottle a month Azovin VG Use topically also.
3 bottles a month pH Balancer 8.0 VG
2 bottles a month PapayaPro VG

I really want my brother to go in for IL2 with a strong system ready for the powerful drug. Please let me know if anyone has had any success with these or let me know if its all a scam.

Thank you!

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