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Goodmorning everyone.

I am struggling with the whole sleep thing. So far sleeping on my back is so hard to fall asleep that I lay awake for hours. How long till I wait to sleep on my good side? I tried it last night but it seemed to really make my broken kidney hurt/throb.

Has anyone else found that sleep is super hard? I was never a good sleeper, the last 6 months I had been taken Ambien which worked like a charm. Is it safe to take ambien after having the kidney partially removed? And yes I know pills arent good for you, but I am in love with the Ambien since it is the only thing that has helped me sleep. Might say I am addicted but a girl needs her beauty rest lol.

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I had trouble sleeping much like you, I'm a side sleeper and until I could sleep comfortably on my side the problem remained. Some nights I went from bed, to couch, to recliner only able to eek out short naps at each, I was able to sleep best in a recliner, but not great. My MD did prescribe a mild sleeping aid which helped a little. I also tried not to nap too much during the day so I was more tired at night. It will start to get better soon, I promise.

Hang in there,


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Ambien -- that's a question for your nephrologist, urologist, or oncologist. Please don't start taking it until you check with one or all of them. There are a number of no-no's for those of us who have had nephrectomies, partial or radical (e.g., most over-the-counter pain killers except for Tylenol). I'm not sure about Ambien but I would check with my doctor before taking any sleeping aids.


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