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Recovery Time for gettng tumor removed

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Hi all,

I am getting the tumor taken out from my perianal area next week. She could not do a biopsy because of where it is located so she thinks it is best to take it out. What is the recovery time for something like this? Will I be hurting from where she cuts down there? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I presume from your reference to "she" that you have now seen Dr. Schertzer. I'm glad you are having the tumor removed and I would think that a biopsy will be done on it when it's out. I can tell you of my own experience in Sept. 2010. I went to see her for my 3-month follow-up and she discovered upon doing the anoscope that I had 3 very small internal anal condyloma (warts). She said they needed to come out and I had surgery a couple weeks later. During my surgery, she also removed a rather sizeable skin tag from my perianal area. I was very concerned about healing in that area, but it went very well, with only some minor discomfort in the first week. I am not sure how deep she had to cut to remove it, however. I had absolutely no healing problems with either surgical site and I hope your experience will be the same. I am curious to hear your opinion of her. She has been my doctor for over 3 1/2 years now and has been right about everything. I think she really knows a lot about anal cancer. I hope your surgery will go well and that healing will be quick--please let us knowhow it goes.

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The colon rectal surgeon had to take 1/3 of my tumor for biopsy. This was the most painful part for me in the whole treatment process. The pain only lasted about one week then I started radiation/chemo treatments.

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I had two tumors, one directly on the anus and one where yours is, between the anus and vagina. My colo-rectal surgeon removed them both. I was nervous about having bowel movements during the recuperation so I ate little a couple of days before the surgery and stayed with liquids for a couple of days after the surgery. I didn't have any real 'pain' but it was uncomfortable. The thing I remember most was the awful itching from hairs growing back in. They had to shave the area prior to removing the masses and although there's not a whole lot of hair there, there is some - the regrowing was very uncomfortable. (I wish I had known about Benadryl back then!) As to the bowel movement issue I thought I'd have - it was not an issue for me, no pain. If I remember correctly, I took a couple of weeks out of work. But it was nowhere as bad as I thought it was going to be. Hope the same holds true for you.

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