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Just what artificial sweeteners are ok and what brand and how much tummeric is good? I was just told to stay away from processed meats. Thanks, Debrajo

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Really no artificial sweeteners are good. But the newest to use is Truvia or Stevia. However, some here had some allergic reactions to them (rash). Look at some of the previous posts from claudia, jill and others about the tumeric. Tumeric is best when used in conjunction with olive oil and pepper (look at the post to be sure). It is good to stay away from processed meats and processed foods to that matter. Try to eat fresh foods and prepare your own meals more than not.

But if you have something once in a while, don't fret. Enjoy your celebrations, etc. I have to say I like sweetener in my tea. I used to use artificial sweeteners but I use honey. It's what I like. Its not artificial, etc. If I think I am having too much, then I will just have my tea plain.


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Some experts, including the National Cancer Institute Inflammation and Cancer Think Tank, believe that "Chronic inflammation appears to contribute to tumor progression by establishing a milieu conducive to development of different cancers." Thus, I have chosen to adopt an anti-inflammatory diet, copies of which you can find on this board by using the search function.

Artificial sweeteners have been associated with both the development and progression of cancer. Stay away from them. Sugar, too, is thought to contribute to inflammation, which in turn creates a hospitable environment for cancer cells. Some people believe that the natural sugars--honey, maple syrup, molasses--do not have this affect, but I stay away from all sweeteners and instead use fruit or fruit juice. I've never had a problem drinking coffee or tea without sweetener; and when I MUST have a dessert, I blend a ripe banana and almond milk to make a banana "milkshake."

The one sweetener that is found to be extremely anti-inflammatory is Stevia. On every anticancer and anti-inflammatory diet I've come across, it is the ONE sweetener that is given the green light. It is not artificial and is derived from a plant.

I hope this helps. One of the best things you can do for your health is to give up everything artificial, whether they are sweeteners or otherwise.


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Posts: 889
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Thanks so much, guess I will have to change my ways! I practialy live on Diet Coke and I know that has aspartane in it. The steroids they had me on has helped to cause me to gain about 25 pounds I MOST CERTANLY did not need to gain! Will chec on the former post for the source and dousage for the tumeric. Thanks again!

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I at one time was a huge soda drinker and found this beverage sucks calcium out of our bones like crazy. As I'm a small-framed person, stopped it immediately when diagnosed as it as well has lots of other artificial ingredients.

You've been given some good information and might I suggest switching to green tea. I was never a tea drinker, but know it has wonderful, positive benefits for someone fighting our disease. I add lemon to hot tea and stevia packet to ice tea...try it you'll like it!!!!


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Thanks again! I really
wasn't told to stop or to do anything different with diet...kind of on my
own. Guess with the other problems they
didn't think cancer was much of a problem. And me in my shock at the diagnoses sat there with a stunned look and didn't ask questions!

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The only sweetner other than Stevia which I have seen recommended is xylitol. I am in the UK and it is sold under the brand name Perfect Sweet. In cooking, sometimes Stevia can give a green tinge, so Perfect Sweet is an alternative.
Kindest wishes

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I was told, when diagnosed with osteopenia 13 years ago, that carbonation damages your bones. I think this stance has been modified somewhat in recent years, but believe that carbonation plus caffeine is still considered bad.


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I have never seen xylitol in store. Will check with my health food store tomorrow. I see it is often an ingredient.....

But I could buy it through Amazon.


I have yet to find a substitute sweetener that tastes good (I hate the taste of agave nectar) and to which I do not have an allergic reaction (like Stevia)


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