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I have a question,

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What would you ladies say(or do) to doctors who DID NOT bother to stage my USPC because I had "too many" other morbities issues? I later found through digging through my medical records on line that I had 1a USPC. I had the radical hysterectomy with the five rounds of radiation and six rounds of Carbo/taxol. I was diagnosed in July of 09 and have been Ned since May of 2010. I understand the "whole body" thing, but I didn't even have a real target to fight against since I didn't know where I was standing. Any suggestions?

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My first reaction is this - you appear to have had the standard treatment - 6 rounds of carboplatin and taxol plus radiation.

I sure am no expert on staging but I think the protocol you received is the usual for all stages. You can check the NCCN Protocols and check this.

I would ask the questions you need to ask - why not?? You are entitled to be educated and understand the whys and wherefors of your treatment. You should be a partner in decisions - not just a passive recipient of someone else's decisions. Feel free to get copies of your records.

As far as staging now, after treatment. I don't think it really matters anymore. What matters is careful surveillance - a schedule of monitoring by yourself and your doc. Please let your doc know of any change that lasts 2 weeks or more!! We often find things before our docs do - I did!!

Once you are confident that you got the appropriate treatment (I think you did), I would go ahead and enjoy life to the very fullest.

Hope this helps. All the best, Mary Ann

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Posts: 948
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Thanks for the reply! I just get sooo tired of basicaly being to sit down,shut up, and do what the nice doctors say to do! I still have a ways to go on the anger issues! Best, Debrajo

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