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transpotation after the surgery

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I am going to have the laparoscopic nephrectomy next week. The doctor said that I only need to stay in hospital for two days. I am wondering how painful the trip would be for about one hour highway. Do I need arrange a special patient transportation or a family vehicle is just fine? Car or SUV? Do I need special assistance to climb the stats when get home? Thanks in advance!

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I was in the hospital for 2 nights and part of the third day. My wife drove me home in our Toyota Corolla. For the first time in my life, I wished we drove a Lincoln. Those bumps were murder. I nearly went through the roof. So, yes, the trip can be painful on a rough road but the highway should be fine. As far as climbing the stairs goes, you probably will need some help. I stayed on the couch on the main level and didn't attempt the stairs for at least 3 or 4 days.
Good luck.

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I had only minor discomfort on the ride home (mostly highway), but I took a pain med an hour before getting in the car. Plan on needing help with stairs even if it is just to steady you, if you wind up not needing it so much the better. FYI, down may be worse than up.

Hope this helps,


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The ride home is not fun. You know those 1/4 inch dividers between each section of concrete? You will on the ride home. Make sure you are in the largest car possible with the best shock absorbers possibe.

Make sure the driver avoids all bumps and goes slow. Take a little extra pain meds before the trip. As for help getting upstairs forget it. Lie on the couch downstairs unless you have an elevator.

Best wishes,


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I had my wife bring me home in my pick up truck. That way I only had to slide my butt in and out. Reclined the seat, and I was good.

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DO time your pain meds smartly. Always take them about 20 min before you have to do something physical.

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I was concerned about the ride home also. I had an open partial and stayed 3 nights in the hospital. My drive is 2.5 hours each way.
I rode home in my wife's Honda Accord. We put a pillow in the lower, lower back area of the seat and fully reclined the seat. I had a pillow behind my head and I held a pillow on my stomach to help with the bumpy roads and resulting abdomen shakes on the way home. I now know which stretches of road are the roughest on the 2.5 hour drive! I made it okay. We stopped at the 1 hour mark and I took a short walk. I also timed my pain meds for the trip home.
Good luck!

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Now that was the smart way to play it, especially being careful to get the timing of the pain medication right!

To keephopealive11, I'd say reckon on iceman's advice being right and plan to not climb stairs when you get home, if that's possible. If you have no choice then arrange for help until you know you can cope. I was able to trot up long flights of stairs in the hospital without need of the handrail before I went home but that was after 6 days there. Highway sounds good but take it easy getting in and out of the car.

Good luck with the op. next week and let us all know how it went, as soon as you feel up to posting.

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Thanks for all the advices. I'll definitely take the pain med before hit the road. Most importantly, I have turned my library room into a bed room with one couch and one recliner chair so no need to climb stairs:-)

Still haven't decided to use the car or SVU, though.

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I just hope you're not thinking of driving yourself!!? Don't even dream of driving for a while. In particular, you shouldn't drive while still on pain meds and you must be capable of making a safe emergency stop without wrecking yourself. The library --> bedroom sounds like a great idea.

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Yeah, my wife will driver:-)

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I have a small SUV. Today it was in the shop and they gave me a loaner Civic. The first thing I noticed was how hard it was to get in and out of since it was so close to the ground. It's so much easier to slide in and out of the SUV, which is just above butt high. Bending over, folding in half, is not something you'll want to do for awhile. I vote for the SUV.

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I hope it all works well for you.... my wife brought me home after an open partial kidney removal. I was pretty juiced up on meds so had little discomfort for the 20 minute (all country roads) ride. A therapist had me practice stairs with a cane for a bit before I left the hospital.

Good luck

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I would echo others thoughts, make sure that you take pain meds before you leave the hospital. The car ride(SUV) didn't bother me at all. I had a radical left. I did sleep upstairs, about 12 steps. I found that I just had to move slow up/down them. At the beginning my husband would help me up and down, and in/out of bed. He said that he could tell when I started feeling better, I would do the stairs at a faster pace and by myself.
Listen to your body....it will for sure let you know.
Take Care

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