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Husband has survived Esphogeal and Lung Cancer but quality of life is terrible...so sad

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It has been some time since i posted last. But i am tired now...My husband has survived having esphogeal cancer stage 3b which they removed his esphogus and replaced with a piece of his colon. Then a year and a half later stage 1 Lung cancer that resulted in removal of his right upper lobe. He is so sick and in so much pain all the time that he spends the majority of his days in bed. He has pain meds that let him enjoy occasional outings with me and our 2 small children ages 7(boy) and 5(girl). We have asked for more tests and fight all the time for further diagnosis with out any luck. He used to be 230 pounds now hardly weighs 158 lbs with clothes on. Has any one else been down this road? I don't know where to turn, seems all the doctors here in Va in our area are connected and don't want to tell us any further info other than He is Lucky to be alive..Go figure.

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As hard as my situation is I don't have two young children to take care of plus the sick hubby. My children are a little older than yours 11, 16, so they have friends and outside interests to keep them busy at times. I sure hope you have help from family or friends... you deserve a rest too.
It sounds like your hubby has endured a lot which means you have too. What is his take on things? does he seem to sport the "glad to be alive" attitude or does he wonder if he really did survive? Watch for signs of depression in you both.
Is traveling to a University away from your area an option? Maybe getting out of the circle of your doctors would help you get the info you need.
GOD bless you, I will say a prayer for you now.

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My mom is in Norfolk VA and went to Virginia Oncology. She liked Drm Mcgoy.

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I, too, have watched my husband go from 260 or so and dwindle down to 150. Fluctuates a little. I find myself in your shoes. It seems like the dr will not tell us specific. I always leave the D O feeling incomplete and not reassured. This journey is what it is called a journey. Many times we don't know where we are headed. My husband quality of life is not good. I am not blaming anyone in particular, but it is what it is!! Messed up...

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Hubby seems tired of the pain and as he states being a burden. I told him i would rather have him like he is, rather than not at all. He says we are keeping him alive. We have talked about going to other towns or other doctors then he gets feeling worse and doesn't want to go. Maybe he doesnt want to know...if it were me, i might not either.
I definately appreciate everyone who replied back to me. i don't know much about using this site but will try to learn more as time goes on.
If anything changes i will post an update here.

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