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Sad, strange story...

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Hi y'all, I hope all readers are feeling some peace and calmness today.. I'm having a bad one myself and it brought me here.
Here's my story.. I met a man, Mick, 7 years ago, on the internet. I designed his business logo and aside from the occasional 'hey how ya doin' message we did not become friends or date. At the time of our first meeting he told me he had been diagosed with stage IV esophageal cancer and didn't know how long he had, so he didn't seek a girlfriend. He was found to be inoperable, given three months to live, and sent home.
This man is one of the top filipino martial artists/instructors in the world, he trains men in the Special Forces etc., and is highly respected for his abilities. Somehow, using certain mental techniques, buffallo steaks, fruits n veggies he beat the cancer himself and was free of symptoms for several years.He says he was very near death at time of diagnosis.
Unfortunately he was abused sexually as a boy, and after an accidental meeting with one of his abusers, he fell into a severe depression.
Right about then, we met again, and fell in love.. the parallels in our lives are uncanny and our future looked wonderful..
It's been two months.. and now it appears the cancer is back gangbusters.. brought on by self-loathing, he claims.he's getting sick and can barely swallow. Worse, some of his other symptoms point to brain/brainstem/lymph mets. He won't see a doctor.
So now here I am, just fell in love, and he may be dying. He's taking wheatgrass and diatomaceous earth, and praying. No healing mental techniques this time, as he says it's an evil practice.
I cry and worry all day/every day, and he and I are both losing lots of weight.
I'm terrified but I'm sticking by him, I've never lost anyone I love like this, and the idea of watching him convalesce and suffer horrifies me.It's very fast moving, I suspect, and there are few painless moments.

Anyway I know there aren't any good answers and God makes the final decisions.. thanks for listening!


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I forgot to say, he's only 43, and truly one of the sweetest people alive... I actually have hope he can beat it again, hell he did once before, but it's INCREDIBLY hard to be positive. He's begun having bad dizzy spells.. not sure why but it's pretty scary. I've never prayed like this.

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Sorry you have to find yourself here, and the circumstances bringing you here.

Just a quick question for you first, has he been to a doctor at all for diagnoses, or is he just self diagnosing? You said that he refuses to go to a doctor..... After watching my husband suffer chemo side effects, I can certainly see why he would steer clear of chemo and radiation, but doctors can offer pain and symptom management as well, which would be of great help, along side his natural remedies. Perhaps he would be open to that at least. My husband explored some alternative treatments alongside his chemo, but unfortunately none of them worked. (he passed away Nov 8, 2011, ec with mets to the liver, ribs, spine, spleen) Personally I am of the mind that there may be some things that help, however I am doubtful that any of the 'cancer curing foods and supplements' do much good for most people. Of course I hope that I'm wrong, and your Nick is the exception to the rule. I wish you all the best, whatever his decision may be.

Although having a positive attitude certainly is key, there are many other keys that fit into the lock. This is an aggressive cancer, and you are right, it spreads like gangbusters.


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