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Dr Visit confusion

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Hi Friends,
I think it has been a minute. Husband went to chemo today. He had a tumor in his neck that he knew about. He let me feel it the other day. It started out as a popcorn kernel, now it is the size of a quarter. Well, we have been off chemo since November. WBC was 2.2, and we already know that he is anemic, but he was given chemo-halaven, avastin,xgeva today. Lost another 7 lbs. My husband doubled up on his meds on his own so he is high all the time. I'd rather for him to be high than hurting terribly.But we told dr about the knot. The dr said we will see how chemo does it. Well...he's been on chemo for 3 years? My husband also has little knots growing under his skin in his stomach area. He had 3 before and they seemed to clumped together crusted on the outside...they shrunk at one time, then started getting bigger recently. Sometimes I don't know what to think or do...I just don't. Anyway, hope everyone is finding some happy...

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I am not a doctor, but my mother had breast cancer many years ago and also had this grouping of lumps all over her from her neck to her groin. They followed the lymph system. Has his doctor said what they are or has he said anything about these being the spread of his disease? They were a sign of the systemic spread of my mother's cancer. I hope this is not the case for your husband, but I fear it is. Your doctor needs to be more forthcoming about this symptom.

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You know, that's what I feared. Our last visit, Wednesday, the dr. did not have a lot to say. It is hard to say. He has these little lumps everywhere. I brought it up again, and my husband over talked me by saying...they are shrinking. I asked the dr did the one in his neck cause his neck to be sore all the time? The dr. never answered. He just said, lets see what the chemo does. Sometimes I think I am stupid. I am watching my husband. He looks like an eighty year old man. I have said that a hundred of time. Quality of life sucks. There..I said it. IT SUCKS!!!!!!!! I watch the chemo beat him down. I really don't know anymore...

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