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Rare brain tumor....DIPG

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I am looking for other adults who have been diagnosed with a DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma )

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Well the Tumor has started growing, rather agreeively. We have started reirradtion, Chemo and another infusion therapy called Avastin. only on #4 rad and #6 chemo, and avastin #1 but tings are going well so far. Some of the symmptoms have reduced with the steriods only to wait and see if they get better. This is going to kill me and I know this. we are throwing the sink here in order to get as much time as possible maybe a year. There is no knowing what will happen. Remember that you are not alone and to ask lots of questions before acting on anything and to always no matter what take care of your family first. may
God bless and keep you all.

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Oh no. I was so hoping to hear better news. How much radiation are you scheduled to do?

I've had quite a few people ask me if we've considered seeing Dr. Burzynski? Just curious what your thoughts are on him/that clinic.

We've also started using essential oils - a brain cancer protocol. It can't hurt, right? We also ordered some Ruta 6, but haven't started it yet. I think my husband is getting ready to start throwing everything at this damned cancer. He had a headache yesterday- the bad kind at base of skull, and I know it bothered him. He's not scheduled for another check up/mri until August.

I will be keeping you in my thoughts and sending all the healing thoughts and light out into the universe for you. Please keep in touch, and know that I'm here.

Take gentle care,

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My brother was diagnosed 11/11. He was given radiation combined with temador. He had some what clean scans and in 8/12 it showed some reduction in the tumor. The following month he started to get symptoms and his scan this month showed new growth. They are starting him on avastin with ceenu. I was wondering how your husband was doing? We are hopeful that this will work but worried about the side effects. I was looking into Ruta 6. Have you been able to try it? I appreciate any info or support. Your husband is in my prayers!

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I'm so sorry to hear it's back. Just wanted to let you know your post re: hitting the nearly 10 year mark without progression brought me a lot of hope. Thanks so much for sharing. You are definitely not alone. I was diagnosed at 25, that was back in 2008. Am curious, are you considering any further treatment/trials at this stage?
Thinking of you during this difficult time.

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i have never heard of the type of condition you have or had but i am sorry that u have had to go through such a difficult time.i was told i had a brain tumor on my right side about three years ago everyday life seems to be a struggle now but i hope that you are well god speed brother

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Hi I was diagnosed February 21, 2007 at 20 years old and given a year to live.  I have undergone 2 months of radiation and several stints of chemotherapy (Temodar).  It has started growing twice before and I gained a "little buddy" in Sept. 2011 that has since stablized.

I initially started out with excrutiating pain in my legs when I would lie down which had all my doctors believing it was a pinched nerve, a million tests later, the MRI that was supposed to last 20 minutes, instead took 2 hours, revealed my DIPG.

I currently am having double vision (for more than a year), terrible balance, , head pressure, scratchy voice/trouble breathing/speaking, choking issues, numbess in my face and tongue, hearing loss in my right ear, dry mouth and terrible dizziness.

I receive scans every 3 months and my last one (March of this year) showed no new growth so we're unsure why I am having such severe symptoms (more severe than symptoms at date of dignosis even). 

I am going to MD Anderson next week to seek help there.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Particularly for the double vision? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated and if I can help anyone with their fight please don't hesitate to ask =)


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Any body still in this discussion board?  I have been following for sometime, but didn't need treatment until now.  The monster woke up.

 Would like to talk.


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Surely someone is still out there, really need to talk with others.


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Hi Sammiesdad, I don't have the same type of tumor that you have. I do have a brain tumor, however, and if you need someone to talk to, I'd be happy to listen and help in any way I can. 

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Thank you so much, I'm sorry you're dealing with this also.


I am really looking for others who have similar disease for symptoms, treatment, n/o etc.


I'll certainly keep you in mind.  It's hard for others to know what we are dealing with


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Sammiesdad,  I changed the email I have associated with this board so I'll get messages in a more timely fashion. I'm sorry your symptoms are progessing...makes my heart so heavy.  I'm happy to talk to you.  May I ask where about you live?

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Hey Leslie, I am close the Nashville, TN.  I sent you an email reply, still trying to get oriented to the site and how to post discussions vs emails, etc.

I really appreciate speaking with you and your husband as it looks like I'm headed for scary times.  Hopefully you received my email and we can speak more.

Thanks so much and hope you guys are ok. 


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I was diagnosed June 17, 2008. Symptoms: lack of balance and blurry vision. Treatment, about to start not sure jet. I still feel good but the past MRI's have shown some progression. I have appointment with Dr. Olivi at Hopkings next week. I have been doing prety good, the only new thing is tinnitus, it's driving me crazy. There are few other things I am doing, to keep myself sane. The problem with our condition is that DPg are really rare. In my case CT/MRI confirm circulation and high glucose metabolism But it's not growing and I don't feel that bad. Keep it up, there is no certainty with this type of tumor, they have a mind of their own. 

Feel free to contact me, I can tell you what I am doing to maintain control on my situation.

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Hi Willy7717         

The post I am commenting on is just a little over a year old..........you were about to find out about treatment in the post.  I hope it has gone well for you. 

I am the mom of a 19 year old that was diagnosed after a period of balance and vision issues.  In Novermber (2014) she had a biobpsy and although I do not remember the exact wording the ciculation part sticks in my mind.  However, I wanted to ask about the glucose metabolism mentioned.  How is it that that was tested/indicated? 

Tomorrow is my duaghters last day of a 6 week round of radiation, no chemo at this time, I am interested in reaching out to yourself and of course others that would be available to discuss their expereince with dipg.



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Hi Everyone, sorry for joining this thread so late.

I have just been diagnosed with a DIPG, I am 31 years old.

They said surgery is not an option, and they have started radiation and chemo to buy me time. I am looking for another option, anything, ruta 6? I have changed my diet, eating alot more healthy now, no more junk food. What is everyone elses experience?

Please let me know,

Thank you everyone


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