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change synthroid - not good

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New here. I am a 16 year cancer survivor. My medicine has always come from one place and I have always taken it the same, Until. About a year ago I began to feel bad: aching bones, low energy, sinus infection, whole body inflamation. Found a lump, ended up having an hysterectomy - not cancerous. Spring came, I felt a little better. Slogged through the summer. Now feeling same: imflamation, sinus infection, achy, lethargic, etc. In October my GP upped my levothyroxine from 150 to 175 (I was not informed on the number, just that it was high and I needed to change my med level). Last week my indo. doc found my levels still too high. (Turns out it was at 8, now 1 something)
NOW I realize that I had changed to a cheaper version of levothyroxine about 1 1/2 yr ago.
Could it be that a year of misery could be due to different levothyroxine?? I can't find any other testamony to such an extreme reaction to this medicine. YET, I am extremely hopeful this is it!

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This sounds kind of extreme to be a reaction to generic levothyroxine--but who knows? Some people say they don't do well on the generic. Let's hope for the best!

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I don't use generic thyroid medication. My Endocrinologist won't let me because he says that the levels vary from pill to pill. I have always been on name brand "Synthroid" and I have been stable for two years. I have been at a consistent 0.2 TSH. I am willing to pay the extra money to be stable. Hope you are feeling better and wishing you a happy healthy New Year.

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My Endo will not allow me to take the generic synthroid. He says that the FDA allows the generic versions of meds to vary by 20%.. so.. it could be anywhere from 80% to 120%. I hope you get everything straightened out. I am currently on 125mcg of Synthroid and 25 Cytomel and just now starting to feel human again...

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I was curious because Synthroid is the only drug that my insurance company doesn't give me 10 kinds of grief about using name brand. He said that because the thyroid hormones are so sensitive, that a majority of people don't do as well on generic synthroid. (and he is a big proponent of generic drugs) My mother is on generic, and I can't convince her that it's probably the reason why her numbers are always changing.

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I stopped taking the levothyroxine I've been taking for 1+ years; for 3 days I have taken a dose equivalent to a slightly higher dose of synthroid. Today I felt GOOD! better than I have for a year.
Am I nuts? Is it possible to respond to synthroid so quickly? Perhaps I am just so relieved to have found a possible reason for my ickiness.
Thanks for your replies, sometimes it feels soooo good to not feel alone.

P.S. Today I also got set up with a nice guy and chased a would be thief!!
Kick-ass Year, I'm ready! Happy New Year!

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So glad to hear you are feeling better. Keep up the positive attitude! Keep having a Happy New year.

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I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in nov. and have been adjusted up to 100mcg of Levothyroxin, I felt great the first week or so but now I am back to feeling like I did before on the meds. I have also read that changing to non-generic made a huge difference. How are you feeling now that you switched? I am thinking on telling my doc. I want to try Synthroid to see if it helps...

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