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stage 4 stomach cancer with ovarian cancer as secondary

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just wondering if anyone has been through the same...
my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer with large tumour on the ovary, and smaller mets all through abdomen. they thought it was ovarian cancer first but have now said it started in the stomach. they want mum to have the chemo pill, but have said its up to her if she wants to proceed. they were also meant to put a shunt in her kidney tubes but arent sure if she will survive the surgery. can someone please help me understand a little better? my head is spinnin as it only happened a couple of days ago, im worried that because she is so skinny, she is 46kgs, that the chemo will make her too sick.
have mentioned the b17 to her this morning and have been reading all the comments on the diet.
please if any one can help or let me know if they have been through something similar. the docs have said its very widespread and the prognosis doesnt look good, tryin to hold onto my hope.....

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Last month, my fiance was diagnosed with stomach cancer -- Stage IV with mets to lungs. He is now on feeding tube and was given a year to live with chemo. I too have been wondering about B17 and other natural possibilities. I don't think he can survive another chemo treatment. He only had one, and ended up in the hospital for dehydration. He has already lost sooooo much weight. It's heartbreaking. I am thinking of putting some in liquid form in his feeding tube when he gets home, but wonder if it's safe. I certainly don't want to do anything that will cause him more aggrivation.

I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. It's so very hard. I just wanted to reach out to you, because I know it can be difficult waiting for an answer. This is only my third time posting. I found this sight a few days ago. It helps me to know that there are others dealing with the same ugly monster.

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thank u so much for sharing! still have no idea what half of it means, they have given mum the option of havin the chemo, so im guessin it isnt good. ive had a lot of natural remedies passed on but when u research some of them they say it can actuallu make the carcinomas worse, which i definately dont want to do! it just hard not knowin what i can do to help, i just want her to be happy :(
it must be so hard for you to watch your husband get so sick, im so sorry you have to go through this too. thank you for reaching out, i also found this site a couple of days ago, it is good to know there are so many survivours and so much hope, i just wondered if there was anyone else who had such an advanced sort.
good luck and much love and hope to u and ur hubby oxoxo

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