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Resistance to carbo/taxol

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Hi all!
Mum is now resistant to carbo/taxol after 8 rounds.. and is stable on her lower CA125 which is good. But when it comes back, are there more substances than Gemzar, Topotecan and Avastin? Just to know what the next step can be. For the moment she is given hormones and are up and about.

Thank you,

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Hi: I can't remember if your mom has ovarian cancer or primary peritoneum cancer (as she is on (or was on) carbo/taxol). I have peritoneum cancer (secondary from gallbladder cancer) and my treatment is oxaliplatin + irenotecan + 5FU. It has stabilized and even shrunk some of the cancerous nodules on the peritoneum (the cisplatin + gemcitibine didn't). But it is a tough treatment - lots of side effects. You might check it out with your oncologist though.
Good luck to your mom.

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Hi Sophie,

wish I could help, but the three that you mention are the only ones I'm aware of. I know that Tina's on the Topotecan (and Avastin??), I've just started on the Taxol/Gemzar. That's it as far I know. There must be others. Hope you get other replies.

For now,


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Thank you for your answers! Mum has primary PPC but it is treated like the ovarian nevertheless..

Love to you all,

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Hi Sophie,

Your mum is the same as mine , did 8 rounds of carbo taxol and was optimally debulked after four rounds , but she was resistant to the chemo at the end.However it did lower her CA125 alot, it was the ct scan that showed tumours had grown.
She then went staright onto to Doxil after that, in the UK it is called caelyx, she managed to complete all of the treatments it lowered her CA125 and it held her stable, however she didn't achieve remission and has now gone on to toptecan, she has just completed her first cycle, finger crossed this will give her a remission , I would love her to have a rest from this beast, but as long as she is reasonably well and has spirit to fight it I am happy.

Good luck to your mum Sophie, all my love to you both Liz xxxxx

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