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Blood and mucus in stool

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The key question doctors kept asking Tony was "do you have blood or mucus in the stool.". His answer was always no, but this morning he said he did have it. Any ideas, what does that mean? Thank you Alex

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It could be a number of things. The cause needs to be determined. Sounds like the doctors will know. I'd call them. They have someone on call. I can't remember all of his specifics but know he's had some hard times.

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Let him/her decide what to do next...

Saved my life, following that one simple rule...

Hugs, Kathi

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Tony just got of the hospital after a 9 day stay and now has appts coming up dec 1 out of town at ucla so I think he is hesitant to call his doctor here in Vegas because he doesn't want to spend more time in a Vegas hospital. any advice on what may be happening to cause the bleeding now? he had 4 tumors in liver and all have shrunk or disappeared.

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If they think it is something, they will be able to guide you....

It's not normal, needless to say. December 1 is a ways away. Do you have a contact name/number at UCLA? Even though Tony may want to go to UCLA, LV may be able to do something with direction from the UCLA doc...

Hugs, Kathi

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I wish I could help Alex but not sure I can. My husband had mucous and blood on and off after surgery but he had rectal surgery and iliostomy. We were told to expect this. I'm thinking your husband had colon surgery, and I'm not sure if the same would apply. Please keep us posted sweetie. Stephanie

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When my husband first started his chemo, he had some blood. We didn't want to go to the ER just like you. We waited it out because my logic was the blood was the result of the tumor breaking apart due to the chemo. Don't know if I was right or not but it made us both feel better and the bleeding stopped after a couple days. I hope Tony's stops soon so you can quit worrying. Lisa

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I have always been told that whenever there is a change that you notice with your body like bleeding or lumps or whatever, you should call the doctor just to be sure. My husband had bleeding on and off from the beginning and they said not to worry about it unless it was alot and then he may cause him to be annemic(sp). They said rectal bleeding is one of the common symptoms with this cancer. I don't think they would have to put him back in the hospital again and it sounds like it had tons of scans just recently done so maybe the bleeding is due to some of that...just a thought...but I would call the doctor first thing tomorrow. Hugs, Teri

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Did Tony have any radiation treatments below the belt?

If so, did surgery follow? Or was it just surgery alone?

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I've had both and up to two years after rectal surgery. Just went for flex sig in June and had bleeding in June and after two years doctor still isn't worried but every situation is different so a call to the doctor is appropriate. Hope he is fine. Always check things out. My doctor doesn't ever seem concerned because it's rectal but I've not had any since June.


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