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melatonin, milk thistle, flak seed, seeme seed, sunflower seed NO ITS NOT 4 the BIRDS and tumeric

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Not advocating this for anyone, I am finished clinical treatment and starting intense lifestyle treatment. I am moving away from store purchased supplements towards macrobiotic vegan diet and juicing.......

just sharing, thought i put in the prices here to show how cheap these supplements are here. be interested what it costs around the world.

anyone doing any of these supplements or diets ? everyday i am perfecting the mix of supplements and lifestyle treatment options.

Just implementing some of the ian gawler suggestions.

just got 4 bottles melatonin 100 pills per bottle at $18.50 per bottle
at 2 pills per day recommended 30 min before sleep i have enough for 200 days.
cost is about $0.36 per day you can get. have not researched this in detail going on gawler recommendation. apparently it really anti cancer. see below.


i am getting the levels tested in my next bloods.

needed a new supply of these. was thinking about dropping this supplement , but remembered numbers of trials about this and crc so purchased the most potent and best value for
$30 for 60 solid tablets. each tablet is 15gram dry fruit equivalent, they will be cut into thirds as my naturopath said even 1 gram a day is adequate.
so again $0.16 per day for 5gram milk thistle. not to bad. this supplement has all the other cofactors as well.

linseed also known as flax is amazing anticancer lignans, rich source omega 3's has and so nutricious and good for bm's as their mucilage eases bowel movements. in my book the greatest seed for helping with crc. omega3 helps combant inflamation and heaps of other functions its essential, been on these since day one. its nice that i don't need supplements for this just inexpensive seeds, that i grind myself.

sunflower seeds have vit e, selenium, iron, and other minerals.
What is selenium?
Selenium is a trace mineral that is essential to good health but required only in small amounts [1,2]. Selenium is incorporated into proteins to make selenoproteins, which are important antioxidant enzymes. The antioxidant properties of selenoproteins help prevent cellular damage from free radicals. Free radicals are natural by-products of oxygen metabolism that may contribute to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease [2,3]. Other selenoproteins help regulate thyroid function and play a role in the immune system [4-7].

you can lookup sesame seeds if you keen.

i am moving away from supplements and potions if i can find an effective and convenient a natural food source from my new diet. I have found this easy, but every day is like ground hog day.


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Pete, are you going to continue drinking tea(s), which kind? Just curious what you have learned about those recently. thanks.
I've just read about chia seeds being much higher in anti-oxidants than some other seed but forget which one. Anyone you are consulting with, mention those?

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its the closest thing to medical treatment i recieve.
i see my tcm oncologist about every month now, he will be happy how my bowels have settled down and that i have gone vegan, lost weight, am super healthy and and working out.

i have chia seeds as well in the cupboard, they were recommended by ian gawler as well.

i consult with 3 naturopaths, am going to melbourne to an ian gawler conference this weekend.

i am mixing in very health aware circles now, everyday i am learning, a bit here and a bit their. i have been posting a bit more than i like, but i figured i share this stuff as it happens, while its fresh for me. it may help others who are interested. it certainly helps me cryslaise what i am doing, it gives me a perspective.

i am trying to do all the ian gawler recommendations, but then run them through what i know about crc specifically. i can see many areas where keys parts of the program have extra value for us crc, like how good flax seed is for our bowels. its not a major reason to take flax, but for us crc's i believe it may help.

also while implementing the vegan diet, i have found adding in extra fibre from psyllium husks i am getting better bm's.

i also have a hunch that yoga deep breathing , which fully oxygenates the lungs may be preventative against mets. this is just a guess and i'll research it one day.

getting the seeds was prompted from the book super immunity which i picked up at my naturopath greg fitzgeralds sunday seminar lecture a few weekends ago.

i blended my almond kernals, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds and have made
an amazing healthy mix. flax is still the number one seed for me at present.

thanks for replying so few here seem to have interest in my alterntive adventures, but at least one reply is enough.


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Wow, I am surprised at how a small amount of milk thistle is recommended, interesting.

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i am healthy with good diet and off chemo, not organic yet so i guess my dosage if maint.
others you are recently off chemo may need more. my liver enzymes are fine.

its a great question, i wish i new more specifics about the nature and operation of milk thistle. one day, my number 2 naturopath said many consumers het sucked in thinking more active ingredient is best, when she told me its not. thats where 1gr a day came from.

i view milk thistle , like many of our essential oils, trace elements and minerals.
our bodies need these from our diet or fluid, they cannot make them. but we need only small amounts, very very small amounts.

i am off the altered view now that natural sources are supperior for many supplements so if i can get a supplement from my diet i will do it.


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300 mg twice a day. My integrative med specialist put me on it hoping to get my liver enzymes back to normal. They've climbed quite high recently.

She also has me on CoQ10 to balance my Lipitor, and Super Coriolus PSK (Turkey Tail) for my immune system. And then there's the Omega 3s, Vitamin D3, Calcium (just 400 mg/day - rest from food), Alpha Lipoic Acid for neuropathy. Way too many pills after breakfast (and some repeated at dinner/bedtime) but they seem useful.

Of interest, on Thursday at 6pm Eastern Standard Time (NY Time), there is a webinar: http://news.cancerconnect.com/do-complementary-therapies-work-ask-the-expert-about-herbs-acupuncture-and-other-complementary-therapies/

I plan to participate.

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Hi Pete,
I choose NOT to take the chemo and radiation as offered by my oncologist as mandatory after my colon and rectum resection , instead I went the natural way as you seem to do.
I think I have mentioned this before, but shy-ed away on this board as I saw some heated arguments between members on this subject.
I am NED now and hope to stay that way, to the surprise of my onc. who is supporting my efforts now. CEA is down 1.2 so so far so good.
Juicing vegetables 2 x a day, lots of excercise, no sweets than only Manuka honey. I bake my own healthy bread, recipe available on request PM me, I take vitamin D,Melatonin , special berry juice for anti inflammatory and one for immune system, which include glucosamine. A Pro biotic pill 2 x a day with meals. Will now start the milk thistle also for the liver.lots of water with lemon and I drink tea with 1/4 tsp cinnamon daily, some times with ginger in it.
BM's are excellent, 1 to 2 times a day.
I have lots of energy, shiny hair and fast growing nails.
So.... something is right. I wish you good health and lots of energy, every day is a new memory.
Hugs Marjan

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i am so glad you are well and pray your health improves.
you choose no chemo and radio some make this choice,
some choose chemo after surgery i made that choice,
you will never here an opinion from me one way or another,
you will just get support and acceptance and sharing whatever tips we have learned about supplements.
i am jealous about your bm's through. only joking kind of.
we should have a post of healthy recipes. would you join in.
it seems to me that lots of us here are doing somethings to really promote our health.
it nice to here from you.

we have a big over lap in our supplements. which is not surprising.
any heated arguments on any threads that i started will just get flagged. the posts have a disclaimed at the top that is like an invisible force field protecting us from having to justify our beliefs.

thanks so much for sharing where you are at and what you are up to.



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would you mind sharing any good info.
i won't have time to get onto it.


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I am keeping my inflaonoid intensive care, with tumericbcm95 which is 3.8gr per tablet.
i take 2 morning and 2 night. that heaps of tumeric.

Now if i had any cancer cells in my gastointestinal tract this discussion suggests they would be getting exposed to some heavy duty tumeric.

This is just what and why i am doing what i am doing.



Curcumin could not be detected in serum at lower doses than 4 g/day. More recently, a clinical trial conducted in the UK found that plasma concentrations of curcumin, curcumin sulfate, and curcumin glucuronide were in the range of 10 nanomoles/liter (0.01 micromole/liter) one hour after a 3.6 g oral dose of curcumin (9). Curcumin and its metabolites could not be detected in plasma at doses lower than 3.6 g/day. Curcumin and its glucuronidated and sulfated metabolites were also measured in urine after a dose of 3.6 g/day. There is some evidence that orally administered curcumin accumulates in gastrointestinal tissues. For instance, when colorectal cancer patients took 3.6 g/d of curcumin orally for seven days prior to surgery, curcumin was detected in malignant and normal colorectal tissue (10). In contrast, curcumin was not detected in the liver tissue of patients with liver metastases of colorectal cancer after the same oral dose of curcumin (11), suggesting that oral curcumin administration may not effectively deliver curcumin to tissues outside the gastrointestinal tract.

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