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Good News On My Colonoscopy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just returned from having my colonoscopy. I had one in 2009 8 months post treatment. The colon rectal surgeon said everything looks fine-no sign of cancer recurrence. He found two polyps and removed them. He said he will do another colonoscopy in 3 years. He wants to see me in six months. As you all probably know the worst part of this procedure is the day before prep--UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yeahhh!!!! Can't get enough of that!

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I'm very, very happy for you and I know what a relief it is to have this over with and get good results! Awesome!

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You are one of the most informed nicest persons on this board. Thanks for all your valuable information.

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Yeah! Soooo happy for you!

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Thanks for sharing.
Many blessings,

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Memphis Mary 49
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I am so happy for you! Such a relief! Hope I can say the same soon :)

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Great news! I wish you continued great news.

When I had my 1st colonoscopy at 50 along with the biopsy to see if it was cancer, there were 3 polyps found, 2 which are always benign and 1 rectal which was pre-cancerous. I now have to have another colonoscopy 3 years from the 1st due to the rectal polyp. I was wondering was this your 1st colonscopy? Lori

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For the last 11 years I have been having colonoscopies. If my memory is correct this is my 5th one. Prior to/and after finding my anal cancer in 2008 the doctors found polyps each time-some benign and others pre-cancerous. My mom has a history of polyps in her colon. This is the reason I started haing colonospies at age 50.

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Thank you, I had my 1st only because of the anal cancer. I am so fortunate to have caught the polyps early and you too. I probably would have put off the colonoscopy if not for the anal cancer. Now, if anything is wrong I go to the dr, whereas, before I would just put it off. I wish us all well. Lori.

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Yeah, the prep is awful!
But now it's over! Congratulations!

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Thanks to everyone. Wishing you all the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations!!!!! i had mine last week...Im glad its over..lol...And i'm glad ..all is fine..

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Wonderful news!!!!! You go!

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