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Do You Have A History Of BC In Your Family Or Were You The First One?

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I was the first one, as far as I know, to have bc in my family. What about you?

♠♣ Love, Susie ♠♣

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Oh lucky me... I guess I am the first to say that i am the 4th in my family to get breast cancer... (do i win the "booby prize? Lol....) My mom and both of my sisters had. It... I did the braca genetic test and it was negative ..... Interesting to note is that all four of us had cancer in the left breast .... My 32 year old daughter just had a breast biopsy. Where else but in her left breast...it was calcifications but they are watching her closely ....


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Sorry double post

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I am the first also! So strange most of us are the first in the family.. and hopefully the last! *hugs*

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Age 42 . Five years later I was dx'd with BC.

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At age 57, I was the first in my family to have breast cancer. However, I have now outlived one grandmother who died of colon cancer. In 3 years I will have outlived my mother who died of bone marrow cancer (Walden-Strom syndrome) and her sister who died of lung cancer. Maybe they had breast cancer but it was never caught, before something else killed them!

Hangin' in there!!


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I was the first one diagnosed with BC. No real history of cancer in the family, I always thought I would have my problems with heart disease or diabetes.

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I am the first in 4 generations. I have no risk factors at all. Diagnosed at 44. It's a head scratcher.

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My mom was diagnosed about same age as me (48). I had the BRACA testing done before I was diagnosed and was neg. For all we know, there is more we don't know.

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Both had breast cancer at the same time in their 80s. Lived for many years after-they didn't die from it. No Drs ever thought it was a risk for me because of their age when diagnosed. Their brother, my grandfather died from colon cancer in his 50s? My little brother died of a brain tumor at age 19-4 days after diagnosis.

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Only one person in both sides of family...my maternal grandfather esophagus cancer, but passed from something else..

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Only one person in both sides of family...my maternal grandfather esophagus cancer, but passed from something else..

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Megan M
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I was the first :(

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Some of my aunts on my dad' s side had cancer , but none on my mom's side ...... Sue D

Lynn Smith
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Since this is a older post I have one more to add.My sister was dx this July.She is 62 the same age I was when I was dx 3 years ago.So my mom and I had it on the left side.Me a lumpectomy in 2009 my mom a masectomy in the 1940's.My sister and her daughter had a double masectomy.Sister had bc in both breasts and her daugther had bc in one breast and pre cancer in the other breast.A double mascetomy for both of them with reconstruction.

I Pray this is the end.I have granddaughters I worry about.

Lynn Smith

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I am the ONE and only


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