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I'm Going to Love You Through It - My Poem to My Husband

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I wish I could take the cancer from your body; I wish I could take the despair from your heart;
I wish I could take all the symptoms from your mind;
I wish I could stop all the pain, illness and fear.

I will be at your side every step of the way; I will not falter; I will be brave;
I will love you no matter what course you choose; I will do everything I can to help you through.

I hate to see you suffer; It hurts to watch you in pain;
I hate that I can’t make you feel better; My heart aches that I can’t make it go away.

I know that you are weary; I know that you are afraid;
I know that you don’t feel well; Please know that I’m here and let me help!

I will be with you every step of the way; No matter what course you choose;
I will love you and stand by you; I will be your rock, your strength, and I will pray for you.

When you are feeling weak, lean on me; When you are feeling afraid, let me hold you;
When you need to talk; talk to me; I WILL love you through this, if you just let me.

I will be your nurse when you need nursing; I will be your best friend when you need friendship;
I will be your support team when your attitude is not quite positive;
I will be your punching bag when you are angry;

I will be your strength when you are weak; I will be your rock when you are afraid;
I will be your shoulder to lean on when you have doubts;
I will ask the questions you are afraid to ask.

I will fight when you are too weak to fight; I will cry when you are too afraid to cry;
I will scream for you when you are too tired to scream; I will pray with you when you feel alone.

I will never give in to doubt or fear; I will never give up on you or us;
I have Faith in your ability to fight this;
And I have enough love for you to let you make your own choice!

YOU do not have Cancer …WE have Cancer;
We will pray together and fight together;
We will fear together and treat together;
I AM going to love you through this.

With All My Hope, Faith and Love, Your Wife
November 1, 2011

Michelle Lemmo

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Thanks so much for posting this, I loved it!

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I love that so much because that is what I am doing for my husband as his caregiver. I copied it and am going to put it in my journal (when I start it) about my husband. I just got my journal a couple of days ago from my best friend and I am going to do a memorial of my husband for all, past present and the outcome.

Again thanks it was beautiful!!!

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I'm glad that you liked it!

I decided to just put my feelings into words, and then I hung it in his bathroom; whenever he is feeling lonely, alone, afraid, whatever ... he can just read it whenever he needs re-enforcement!

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This is awesome and it puts things in perspective for me---- again. Thank you. This is what we are here for...to love them through.

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is so tender, gorgeous, and reveals a beautiful relationship as a caregiver. Thanks for sharing, just so inspiring.

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This Poem brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could have those positive feelings like you have in this poem. I am fighting this with him as best I can but sometimes I find myself snapping at him when I know I shouldn't. I know how frustrated he is not being able to do things. Would it be ok for me to copy this poem? I would like to keep it in my purse so I can read it when I need strength!

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This gave me the strength to get through today. I copied parts of this and added some of my own into my note book to carry with me each day to read to help give me peace and strength! Thank you so very much

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