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Hi. I know this is a very difficult time and sounds like they are rushing right into chemo. I was never exposed to asbestos, that I know of. My doctor is not even concerned with that at this time. But, there are people that know they have been exposed....I don't know about them....sorry! Has your Mom had surgery? What were her symptoms? Has she already had a "port" placed for her infusions? I had carbo/taxol/Avastin in my first treatments(June 2010)...then after 6 months of that, I just went on Avastin for maintenance, and I am approaching my last infusion next week. Cancer in itself is so hard to understand and having peritoneal is even more difficult. I had a total hysterectomy before I started infusions....then, I went on a clinical study...things moved very quickly for me. I am 61 years of age....stage 3. You will find out by reading everyones notes on here, that we are all different, but have the same cancer. Just know that you have this source and please ask questions to your Moms onc...... Are you able to go with your Mom to some of these appts? That way you, too, can understand and help. My husband has gone everytime...and that makes such a difference.... I hope for you peace....and will say a prayer for your Mom..... good luck!

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Hi: Asbestos is one of the causes of one of the types of peritoneal cancer - meso... something or rather.

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Mesothelioma is a cancer caused by asbestos.

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Alot of the women that have Peritoneal cancer are not exposed to asbestos. When i was totally clueless i started looking stuff up on the computer. It can be cause from asbestos bu like they said, it is a different type of tumor. My mom's is Papillary surface, blah. I can never remember. They say it originates in the ovaries. Even more odd, my mom did not have cancer in or on the ovary. The cells came from there and shingled off to the peritoneum.
All i can say is start informing urself. What helps the most is going to docs and when u do, take a tablet. They also appreciate a person who is informed so you can go home and explain everything to ur mom. Write down everything. Even if its chicken scratch.
Really, it's frightening but we all have our days. I have it totally under control and than the next day i just cry over nothing. She needs ya.
Mom just had her last chemo for hopefully a while. But, this cancer is very resilient. So, the patient has to be very resilient. It doesn't like to go away for long. However, docs can keep it a little in check.
Hope i helped! OH, and mom had carbo/taxol too. They usually like to start immediately.

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Yup, there are several kinds - depends on whether they originate on the peritoneum (primary peritoneal cancer) or from other places like the ovaries or the gallbladder or the colon or the appendix (and then the other really rare ones like the one from asbestos). Treatments are different too which makes it really confusing!
Mine originated from the gallbladder tumour I had. It is being treated like peritoneum cancer originating from the colon (oxaliplatin + irenotecan + 5FU). But they don't really know if that is the best treatment as it is so rare. But so far seems to be doing some good. Maybe someday!

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I knew that I had read of a form of peritoneal cancer that was related to asbestos, but like others have said, it's different from Primary Peritoneal Cancer, for example, which is what I think I have.

I Googled asbestos and peritoneal cancer to find a link that might help you.

*** CAUTION: Most internet articles on peritoneal cancer seem to give only the negative details. Don't read the link which follows if you need NOT to read any negative stuff about this problem. Another article may not be so negative. Best to get your info from the doctor and from others on these boards. Do a search in here on "Peritoneal mesothelioma" to find anyone else who has the problem. It might turn up under Rare Cancers for example. If your mum is on palliative, then ask the palliative nurse about what to expect. They are very good at reassuring you that they can help your mum be free of pain. I'm on paliative simply because the diagnosis of Peritoneal Cancer, especially if metasatized from somewhere else, is considered very fatal. They think mine could be secondary to somewhere else but can't *find* where else it might be. So far, I've outlived expectations. Given only months, I've lived - and lived well - for over a year now.

So you never know.

Give some thought whether you really want to read the following article before clicking on this link:


Take care,


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