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Inspirational quote

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I recently read a quote by Maya Angelou that kind of goes along with our cancer journey.
"I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on and it will be better tomorrow".


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I enjoy reading quotes both serious & funny to help get thru emotional times.

My current fave: "There are so many people out there who will tell you
that you can't. What you've got to do is turn around
& say "watch me"!!

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I like that goutes .Watch me !!It's true so many people make you feel like you cant do it or your not going to make it .And they dont even have to say it you feel it .

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The one thing that burns in my memory was when I was saying my FINAL goodbyes to the chemo nurse, she implied that I would be back. Really shook me to the core.

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That nurse is way out of line to say that. I hope you reported her. I don't wish any ill will on any one but you do reap what you sow, and I hope she will come to realize that she was inappropriate to say that.

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I wrestle with these things. If u knew my story u would really freak out. I have taken a long time to heal and that was my main focus. Now I am gathering my thoughts and plan to write a personal letter to my original doctor and that nurse. She is a good person, the nurse, but maybe she has seen too much and also had nursed her own father thru 10years of treatment. People are a product of their experience. The doctor, well really there is no excuse for her and she should probably not be practicing.

I never told anybody about that nurse until today, even though I think of her more than I should.

Your reaction helped me. Thank u.

I just remembered her exact words. U will be back,


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ok, that is stupid nurse. how dare her. keep her thoughts to herself. that is wrong. wrong wrong. we all know that to heal we must be positive and happy. hard to do , yes very hard to do. i am also a slow healer and get so tired and fed up. i had 3 biopsies at MD Anderson and one really close to the butt where the leg connects to it and it has given me fits. a shave biopsy. i hate it. been 5 weeks and now getting a little better. all reports were benign so i am blessed. i am rambling. that nurse needs to go. hugs sephie

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Hi Sephie,

I am very happy to hear that your biopsies came back benign.....That is such great news. I am sorry that you are going through some pain. You will feel better and better. I had a few biopsies after treatment too. They do hurt!


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I am happy to hear that your biopsy is benign. I had biopsy's too, but I was fortunate that they were not painful. I hope you will heal faster. Lori

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One thing I loved about Memorial Sloan Kettering is there was not one single slip. Everyone was supportive, kind and upbeat. I could sock that nurse in the nose! How unkind!

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What that nurse said to you is unbelievable. The last thing someone needs to hear after completing treatment for cancer is "you'll be back." I count my blessings, as all of my chemo nurses were upbeat and real cheerleaders. I'm sorry you didn't have that same experience. Write that letter--she needs to know how that affected you.

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unfortunately they're out there. So very sorry, Phoebesnow. I had a "like" experience with three local doctors and two nurses in the early testing stage. After I got home from treatment (at a clinic out of town) and settled back in a bit, I made an appointment with the CEO of the clinic where they all practice. I had my say. And then I was asked to address a physician board at the clinic so that they could hear my story and educate their medical professionals and staff so that what I went through wouldn't happen again.

That was the only time through this that I wasn't self conscious of my lack of hair on my head. It was at it's thinnest at that time, which, to me, made more of an impact standing there in front of them. Ha! :)

I say report that type of behavior with gusto. It's empowering.

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I am an RN who completed my cancer treatments 2 years ago; I am incensed(spell)? that a nurse would say that to you. You should definetly report it to her manager. She is in the wrong profession.

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So sorry about your negative experience. Unfortunately there are toxic people in this world. Wishing you all the best as you continue to heal!

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Thanks everyone for your support.

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